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Seizures in Puppies

Our chocolate lab is 5 years old.  We bred her two times and each time lost 3 puppies because of seizures.  The mother has never had seizures.  What would cause these puppies to have seizures so young.  A few was only a few weeks old and the oldest one was 7 weeks old.  Thank you.
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Welcome to the forum:o)
I do not have a good answer myself...
But, please go the ask a vet section here and post your questions to the vet Dr. Cheng, the vet is very good at responding...
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It didn't happen at birth, it did happen A LOT.  Just shooting from the hip, I'd hypothesize (1) something they are eating, rolling in, being bitten by?  Do they go outside?  Do they stay in the laundry room where they might get a little detergent or bleach?  


(2) a hereditary problem?  Did you use the same sire each time?  If so, he and your ***** may each have a recessive gene for this--something that wouldn't show up in the adult parents because they are just carriers, but would affect about 1/4 of their pups.  If the dog and ***** are related by blood, this sort of thing is quite common.

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Thanks.  We did not use the same sire each time.  They were born in our basement where it was nice and clean for them.  They weren't exposed to any chemicals at all.  The only thing in the kennels was the pups and the mother.  The sire and the ***** were not related either.  It has us baffled.  Its been 3 years since our chocolate lab had her last litter and we bred her this year, so she is due around the 10th of July.  Hopefully everything will be alright with the pups this time.  Thanks, Jen
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Did you ever get the chance to post your concerns w/the vet forum here w/Dr. Cheng?
We we keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best, July 10 it is, just keep good watch, I beleive you could have a hereditay issue for whatever reason, who knows, or try a strong diet, when I breed, we change the diet up some...
Boil chicken liver, beef calf liver
cottage cheese
and powdered puppy formula during the whole pregnancy...
And, if the dog will not partake the formula, I syringe 3 times a day
I have female w/seizures, during preg, no seizures, her pups owner say after one year seizures start, she does not breed anymore...
But, the preg recipes I follow, it builds blood, and replaces momma's needs and the pups come out butter balls and healthy, even the vet says it must work...
While nursing, I continue the recipe...still giving formula and foods.
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My female has never had seizures though.  Just the pups.  Unless she has had them and I never seen her, which I kinda doubt it.  Its unmistakable.  I never had the chance to post to the vet.  Thank you, Jen
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