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Our dog, a weimariner, is 8 years old and in general good health.  Yesterday and last night she had seizures.  She has never had them before.  She lost muscle control, spasms, foaming, not incontinent thankfully, but definitely had the post-ictal thing afterwards.
Anyone had any experience with something like this?  She seems fine, but tired, today.
She had 5 seizures total.  We're taking her to the vet today.  Has anybody had to give meds to their pet for this?
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Guess you have taken the dog to the vet by now, what was the diagnosis?

I have no experience with the breed, and age seems too young for old age problems...but I can say a 10 yo Golden we had had a spinal seizure that caused some rear leg paralysis. We used water (dog paddling) therapy to get him back on his feet.  He lived for two more years, had some problems getting around but was not in any apparent pain.

I heard the words "spinal stroke" as the possible cause.
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There is an excellent thread regarding phenobarbital dosing and side effects in dogs having seizure activity.  My family is in a similar situation, our 9 year old coon hound in excellent health had 3 grand mal seizures in less than 24 hrs.  We had a basic work up done at the vet after the first seizure which essentially came back normal.  We have started her on phenobarb and prednisone, but I am glad I checked out the thread b/c I did not know the medication side effects were so profound...
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She had been diagnosed with valley fever almost two years ago.  It's a fungal infection common to humans and animals in Arizona.  We had her on antifungal medication for about a year and a half and stopped it.  Evidently, the infection resurfaced again and caused the seizures.  So now she's back on diflucan, probably for the rest of her life according to the vet, and phenobarbitol until the infection gets under control.
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