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Senior Dog Pet Insurance in USA

I'd like to get pet insurance for my dog who is already 10 years old and has arthritis, he is also missing one rear leg.  Does anybody have recommendations for good pet insurance?  I almost went with the ASPCA pet insurance because they insure senior dogs but after reading all the bad reviews online, I changed my mind.

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I don't have any experience with insurance, but would like to know which one you end up picking, and why.  I have an eleven year old dog, and had a lot of expenses with another dog who died in February.  I probably should look into insurance, too, but I always thought there probably would be too many loopholes to make it worthwhile.  What type of things do they cover?
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I have VPI Pet Insurance for 10 years now & it is so great. My Poodle Julie who had Cushings Disease & many Pancreatitis attacks & was hospitalized many times, cost me over $11,000.00.  I got more than half back. Thank God for VPI.  They raised my premiums when she turned 6 or 7. It was 875.00 yearly. I got wayyyyy more back when she got sick.  Get the Cancer waiver too. Call them & see what u think.
There is a 50.00 deductable on each illness & a cap on everything. But, if I didn't have it, I would have been broke.  (Tell them I recommended you. I am Sandra Gasparini in NY.  My pet was Julie, who passed on & now I have Miss Chanel.)
Do NOT say your pet has any pre-existing condition. Your Vet should back u up.
Keep in touch & good luck.  
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I called VPI and unfortunately they only cover accidents/wellness for dogs over 10.  It is very confusing, so far Pets Best seems like a good candidate for my dog but you should check out this website: http://www.bestpetinsurance.com/aspca-pet-insurance.html because it rates each pet insurance along with pros and cons.  It also depends on what state you're in and what breed the dog is, so you'll probably need to go online and do a questionnaire and they will email you a quote.

I am interested in routine care/illness coverage for my senior dog because he never gets into fights or had never had an accident, but your dog might have other needs.  
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Have you tried PetPlan or SecurityCan?  They might only be in Canada.  I've heard that the ASPCA's pet insurance is pretty good but maybe they've changed.

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ASPCA was the first pet insurance I checked because it's a good cause but it had terrible online reviews, they reject a lot of claims.  It might be OK for accident coverage though, which I don't need.
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If I hear of any good pet insurance plans, I'll let you know.  Hopefully, you've found one already.

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I was trying to find out from the insurance companies how they determine preexisting conditions like hip dysplasia versus chronic situations like arthritis and they were very vague so I gave up.  One of them said that it depends on what the vet says and if he even thinks that the illness might have started earlier than when the insurance started, it won't be covered.
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I can ask my daughter - she works in an animal hospital and might have some ideas about pet insurance.  Don't know if it'll be much help because we're in Canada but she might be able to find out.

NumberNine got pet insurance when she was ten yrs old.  A vet "might" be able to help.  Don't want to be nosy but have you asked a vet to help you pet insurance?  All our dogs have it.  If we didn't have this insurance, NN's bill would be about $8,000.00; instead it'll be somewhere between $700.00 to $1100.

Hope you can find an insurance company.

If there is anything I can do here from Canada, please just ask  = )

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Thanks so much for all your input and help! Maybe I'll call around vets and ask about their favorite pet insurance, since he doesn't have a regular vet right now.  Does your daughter know how vets determine preexisting illnesses for dogs?  Does it include allergies, joint problems? That's my main obstacle right now. I don't want to get insurance, then go to a vet and have the insurance telling me that they won't cover it since it was a preexisting illness although he never got treated by a vet for it.
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