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Senior Male Westie in sudden pain, what do we do?

We adopted Captain three years ago (they believe he was around 10). He had only one family prior to us that had four kids, the fifth on the way. The family gave him up. The rescue group had him altered, trimmed, and had his teeth cleaned. He spent the first three nights sitting up, distant, anxious, panting, and inconsolable. When one of the volunteers from the rescue came to visit last year, he had another panic attack. Otherwise, he is very calm. We learned that he has allergies of some sort. He has his own Benedryl prescription to help reduce itchiness. He takes two pills in the winter and four in the summer.
He has put on some weight since we got him. He was very muscular then at around 24 pounds, he is probably pushing 30 pounds now. He does run around though, he absolutely loves the outdoors.
He definitely needs his nails cut, but the quick has grown far too much. His nails are about an inch long. I know they need cutting. He hates having his feet handled (same as our westie female) and my dad generally cuts the quick. I'm concerned because I've read that this can lead to health issues such as Arthritis.
Well, my dad has been out of the country for half a year and just came back today.
Captain was really excited to see my dad. He was fine all day. He raced our female westie (his leash is longer, so he won by default), rolled around, and was perfectly normal.
My dad accidentally picked him up under his arms (near the tender spot under the front legs) with no support.
This was the first yelp that he gave.
Completely understandable.
However, I noticed a limp in his left front leg. But he walked around and soon lost the limp.
We were going to bed when my mom noticed that he was very still, sort of distant, and reluctant to obey commands. My mom and I were petting him when he yelped again. This time it was on the right side of his neck/jaw (he loves neck scratches). He kept his head facing slightly to the right, refused to lay down, and had a tremor in his left front leg.
An hour later my mom comes in my room because he's been sitting up the whole time refusing to sleep. He yelped again in the same neck/jaw area. He held his left leg up. After lots of coaxing he laid down and propped his left leg on his pillow (it's actually the female's pillow pet).

Of course, there are no vets open on Sunday.
I'm wondering how to help ease his pain till we can get him to a vet on Monday.
Also does anyone know (or have any guesses) as to what might be ailing him?
If we can ease the pain until Monday, should we wait, or is it pressing enough to bring him to an emergency clinic?

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