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Sensitive Stomach ??

I have a 2 year old yellow lab.   He has a very sensitive stomach.   Only food he loves is Blue Chicken and Brown Rice.  

Friday and this morning when I give him just the dry nuggets, immediately after he eats them- he vomits.   He doesn't seem to be sick.  He is his normal, playful, self.  No diaherra.  

I gave him plain white rice and boiled chicken and he was absoutely fine - no vomitting.  

Could the nuggets have gone bad?   Stomach bug in my dog?  

And the oddest thing is yesterday I mixed the nuggets with the rice and chicken - he didn't vomit.  

Should I be gving him a dog food for sensitive stomachs.   Maybe I'm just overreacting....  Advice???  
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Oh, if you do a food change, buy a small bag and half and half the new and old foods for a few days.
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My son's dog and my daighter's dogs were doing this.  Son's Vet had him start giving his dog Pepcid daily.  I suggested he switch her over to Pro Plan salmon for sensitive stomachs and my daughter did also.  The vomiting stopped.  You might want to try that but check with Rotherham Vet on the Pepcid.  Some now say give Fometidine daily.
My daughter switched her dig back over to the Blue Baffalo and she was doing fine but is vomiting Again.  She is 12 now.  Vet told her to start the Fometidine daily.
You might try giving him just maybe  a half or quarter cup of food about an hour before bed time.
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