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Serious Issue With Lab - Need Advice/Assistance

Hello Everyone,

First off I want to start off by giving you a little background information about my dog. I have 2 pets and they are both dogs one is a Cairn Terrier that will be 9 this year and is in great health! I also have a Black Lab that this year she will be turning 15. Lately she has been slowing down, she moves very slow, stumbles constantly, always laying down and resting. She still gets excited to eat and take walks though, even with her lack of movement. Last night while taking her out I noticed a patch of hair on her back was standing up so I went to mat it down and a HUGE chuck of hair with a sticky substance stuck to my hand. I was shocked and looked to see a big whole where all of the hair was removed it was a sticky area and the skin was peeling. I notified my mom and she contacted my cousin that is a "Vet" and asked for advice on what to do (We are still waiting a reply from her). We put some ointment on it and let it  go for the night. Just a few minutes ago I took them out to go to the bathroom and it appears to me it may be getting worse with this yellow "crust" formed around the sore and more peeling skin. I'm not sure if the yellow crust area is where the skin is healing or it's something else. I would love some assistance on what this could be, my mom thinks it may have been a cyst that may have popped, but I am not sure.


- The first picture I am posting is of the lab and the sore, it may make some people a little ill, PLEASE take caution when viewing, everyone has their own levels of sensitivity.

- The second picture I posted is just a picture of my Cairn Terrier to lighten the mood!

First Picture Link To Dog With Hole: http://imgur.com/Ggg0Mi4
Second Picture To Terrier (Picture To Lighten The Mood): http://imgur.com/t9ACcJz
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Oh God bless you and your poor doggie honey. Id guess it could be some sort of skin disease or infection. You could try buying garlic pills and powder and putting the powder on her food and stick the pill in the back of her mouth and hold her mouth shut and blow on her nose till she swallows. Garlic is a great antibiotic. You could try cleaning her wound with peroxide or try mixing some lemon juice with a lot of to dilute it enough so it don't burn and pour over the wound and then wash it out good. Lemon juice kills bacteria. But definitely get her seen by a vet.
Best wishes
5973125 tn?1378575863
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