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Serious booster reaction

My 6 year old cocker spaniel has had a reaction to her booster. SHe has a large non painful hard lump at the injection site, fever and a temperature of 40.5. She is shivering and not eating. Our vet has her on anti inflammatories and antibiotics and has suggested a blood testa after three days if no improvement. We've also been told if her temp gets up to 41 to cool her down in a cold bath. I'm not sure if our vet knows what to do in this situation. I need another opinion. thanks
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Sorry to read this.  I am not sure what a 40.5 temp is but at least you have Vet care and monitoring.  I assume she never had a reaction before?  Was the Lepto in the shot? Many dogs react to the Lepto vaccine.  What is your Vet going to do a blood test to check? Why did he prescribe antibiotics?
Some dogs might have some type of reaction for 24-48 hours after a shot.
This may be an abscess at the injection site. Did your Vet mention that?  I had one dog years ago and a cat that got abscesses at the injection sites.  Both ended up having to be opened up, a drain put in and were on antibiotics. I also had one that had a severe reaction but it was a puppy and different symptoms then you are describing. Those are just my experiences.  Oh, come to think of it, I had my aunt's Terrier mix here and got her a booster and she developed a large lump.  It eventually went away but we decided, at her age, no more boosters.
Maybe Karla will pop in and can add some insight.
Hope it passes soon.
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Which booster? 5in1, or Rabies......The temp. is not even close to being correct, so we have no way of telling if this is too high......When were the vaccines given? Anti-inflammatories are good, Antibiotics don't make sense, & bloodwork won't help.....Why is your Vet suggesting all this? Let me know.......Karla
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Thanks, Karla.  Seems we are on the same page here.  
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no idea what vaccine yet, I'm in Australia my dog and mother in Wales. The time difference is killing me. They think the lump is an infection hence the antibiotics and anti inflammatories. She got the jab on Friday. No she has never had a reaction before. The bloodwork suggestion was to check if there were any underlying problems. I would like her to have this as I have been looking up some veery serious liver function problems and  IMHA both of which kills. I can call my mother in an hour.....
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Any updates?
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Hello...Please, come back and let us know how she's doing......
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