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Severe congestion in ShiTzus

Our 12 yr.old female ShiTzu, 16 lbs. has a congestive heart condition, and a restricted esophagus.  She currently takes 1 Enalapril Maleate, 5 mg., Temaril-P 1/2  tab., 2X daily, and Previcox, 1/2 57mg. pill 2X day for arthritis.  Would adding an anti-histamine like chlortrimeton or benedryl help ease her cough and congestion?
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Back from the Vet's.  Molly's breathing problem, cough, whatever, is NOT due to the congestive heart problem.  Vet said fluid from around her heart and lungs had subsided thanks to the Enalapril.  It's her larynx...or what's left of it.  We knew it was a problem, but it's severe now...no consolation that it is common in small breed dogs, especially those with "smashed" noses.  She is now resting quietly due to hydrocodone and an anti-biotic that have been added to her medications.  I really appreciated your quick response.  I know I'm looking for a magic bullet that isn't there.
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Thanks for your response.  I have asked our vet about prescribing Lasix, and so far have gotten a negative from her.  We have an appointment tomorrow and I will bring it up again.  Again, thanks.  susan742
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Hi & Welcome....She's already taking an antihistamine (I would not add more).....Temaril-P is a combination drug consisting of antihistamine & a steriod. What I think she needs is LASIX (For the fluid retention). Normally for heart failure, Lasix are prescribed along with the heart meds. and can be given 1-3 times a day depending on the severity of the congestion. Once, the fluid is off her lungs, the cough and congestion will improve greatly. I'm surprised that this has not already been prescribed!  Please, call or go see your Vet (Quickly) and discuss this. She will feel much better.....Good luck and keep us posted.....Karla
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