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hey there i have a 3 month old sharpei waggzy and he is tired, not eating and can barely walk. i want to know if this could be because of a fever or could it be somthing else. would any one know what these symptoms could relate to???
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Hi there...at this innocent age, these symptoms could mean many different things, including intestinal parastite infestations or even parvo virus.   When was the last time Waggzy saw his veterinarian and what vaccines has he had so far?

You need to contact your veterinarian soon...puppies this young don't have a lot of reserve to fight off infections and can go downhill very quickly.

He is a cute one though!!!
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hi thanks for the reply he has has his second vaccination about two-three weeks ago and they said he was find fit and healthy. however at the moment he also seem to be constipated.
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I would seriously consider taking him into the veterinarian soon.  He is about due for another round of vaccines anyway.  My concern is that Shar Peis are not known to have the strongest immune system and I would hate for you to delay and have some viral infection take hold.

Is he acting better today?  Any vomiting or diarrhea?
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yeah is is back to normal running about. no he wasnt vomiting or diarrhea. i think he might have at some bad canned dog food but im gonna chuck him on the dry innova dry food with no meat by products.
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