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Shitzu - drooling

We have a 6 month shitzu puppy and she has been drooling for the past 3 days.  Is that caused by teething?
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Hi Maggie, Have you checked your dogs teeth? Have you noticed bad breath? Your dog could have an abscess. Since this has been going on for 3 days I would take him to the vet. If you haven't changed his food and you know of nothing he could have ate, I really would take him to your vet as this is unusal behavior.  :o)  Kande
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i had a shihzu up until two days ago he was 17 years old and the love of my life, my baby did not have this problem but i wanted to tell you they are the best babies around, she will be there by you day by day and be so devoted, they love thier owners and give so much love. mine had skin problems can i just say NEVER feed her human food it will kill her. she will have all kinds of peoblems from it so plz stick to the dog food i know. enjoy her love because she has lots to give and she will be a great pet. good luck with her .
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I would take the dog to the vets, is the dogs lips or same time? if so go to the vets straight away.  i am sure it will be teething or something, but don't just wait to see what happens.
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