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Should I take my dog to the vet????

I have a yorkie poo who is 15 months old. The past few mornings she has been throwing up a yellow foamy color. But other than the that she has been eating like normal and playing like crazy. She shows no other signs of illness so i am completely stumped. Does anyone have any suggestions on why this could be happening. She didnt throw up this morning but I fed her arounf midnight last night for and extra treat to see if mayb that would help....
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my dog does the same thing. im not sure of the cause but it seems to happen when i know he hasn't eaten in a while. maybe your dog isn't getting enough food and the stomach acid chourning in an empty or unfull stomach may be causing her to throw up. the yellow foam is stomach acid. i would just suggest either leaving food out for her around the clock, or simply upping her amount of food.
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Hi...I am sure waking up to vomit each morning is not a fun way to start your day!!

I found this from one of our experts over in the Ask A Vet forum...I think it might be appropriate for you as well:

Sometimes small dogs vomit in the morning due to bilious vomiting syndrome, a disorder of stomach hyperacidity. Feeding a small meal before bedtime can sometimes help, as can oral medications to reduce stomach acid production, such as Pepcid. You can call your veterinarian to obtain the appropriate dose of Pepcid for your dog's size, and purchase it over the counter. Other potential causes for chronic vomiting include food allergy, GI foreign body, intestinal parasites, kidney/liver/pancreatic disease, to name only a few, so if your dog's vomiting persists, then veterinary examination is recommended.

Also, I would NOT leave food out so that the pet can eat free choice.   Free feeding leads to obesity and that is the number one health problem of our pets here in the Western world.

Good luck...I hope this helps a little bit.
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Hi..One of my dogs (The female Bichon) has always done this. I have found that feeding her a snack at bedtime does the trick. If she has to wait too long for her breakfast, she will also do it in the late morning.
For snack: I have had better luck with a dog biscuit as opposed to a chewy treat. The biscuit must absorb the acid better!!!   Good luck and welcome to the forum.
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my shih zhu has been throwing up bile for the last three days yellowish in colour, but has eaten food, just seems out of salts can anyone advise
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mine shih does that to , feed it a snack before bedtime and if need be give it a acid pill like a pepcid i give mine a half pill start with  .
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