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Siberian Husky Puppy Problem

Hi everyone,

This is going to be long post, so please bear with me. I am just really worried about my puppy.

So I have a six months Siberian Husky that I got from a friend who had to leave him to me because she was moving away. When I got the husky, he was three months old, very active, cheerful, and happy.

But a month after I got him, I noticed that he had red patches in his nose and paws. My vet diagnosed him with demodex. He took antibiotics and had weekly dips for three weeks. His snout cleared but his paws aren't 100% cleared yet. We had to stop the dips because about three weeks ago, he was diagnosed with ehrlichiosis. So now he is taking doxycycline and anti-anemia.

He was fine, back to his usual happy self when yesterday, my sister noticed that the tip of his penis is always out! So we went back to the vet and she said it just might be a skin irritation. She told us to wash his penis as needed with Betadine (10ml solution) diluted in water.

The puppy also seemed to have a stiff neck (he whines when we try to raise his head) and the vet said it just might be because he had a slight fever when he was checked yesterday.

Yesterday, they also took his blood and although his stats aren't 100% normal (from ehrlichiosis) they are much higher than his results from last week's checkup.

Our Hero (puppy's name) is still eating (a lot), walks around the house (but slower than usual), and still gets excited when we call him.

I really don't know what else to do cause I really hate seeing him in pain! The vet said he's having some health problems lately because that's what demodex does: lowers a dog's immune system. But right now, I'm not sure! Maybe I should get a second opinion?

And before you say I must take care of him more, let me tell you: I feed him the best kind of food (Acana), give him vitamins (Multivitamins plus B Complex, and Vit C), make sure he has fresh water all day, and he stays inside my house all day so I could watch him.

Do you have any advice for me? Or possible explanations for his stiff neck and penis problem?
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The stiff neck could be a disk issue; has he had x-rays? It sounds like you are trying to do everything for your puppy's well being, maybe you could see a second vet and see what he says. That's probably what I would do.
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Huskies are a dog breed prone to several genetic diseases, and their popularity has lead to excess breeding, which doesn't help the gene pool, keep treating the symptoms as they appear, if they get too bad, you may have to put the dog down. KEEP CONSULTING THE VET, I am well versed in dogs, but I'm not a professional.
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I am so sorry for you and your poor lil pup. I wish I had an explanation. Has he been bit by a tick? I was thinking Lyme disease in a dog would maybe cuase a stiff neck just like in humans.

I also would say add garlic powder to your dogs food it may able boost his immune system. Garlic does so in humans, plus its a natrual antibotic. I can tell you truly care about your pup. If you don't feel your vet is helping then get a second opinion. You know I was just thinking about it tick bites aren't always noticeable on humans. So, maybe you never noticed your fog got a bite. So, I don't know much about lymes in pups, but maybe you should research it. Or I can for you.

Good luck. I am praying for you and your pup. May God bless you,

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Thanks! If his stiff neck won't improve today, will definitely find a new vet for xray and other tests.
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Yes I think Lyme diseases is kind of similar to ehrlichiosis which is also brought about by tick bites.

I will definitely do that garlic powder thing. I really NEED to do something to improve his immune system, I didn't know about that. THANKS SO MUCH. Will do that to his food from now on. :)

Thanks for the prayers, we really need that. :( It really pains me seeing he's sick or in pain :(
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Thanks Fibinachi. I don't really think I will put him down, ever but thanks for the suggestion. And I will never stop consulting the help of professional vets for him.

And I agree with you, I don't know where my friend got my pup but I sure do hope they aren't breeding a dog with bad genes. :(
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