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Siberian Husky is sick


My  12+ year old Siberian Husky is sick. Is there some virus or some other health problems that my Veterinarian and I haven't thought of?

One evening, my dog's stomach started gurgling so loud you could hear it from one end of the house to the other. And it went on for like an hour. It was crazy. Then after that he got severe "runs" and would throw food up

I had him tested for everything at the Veterinarian. Nothing showed up wrong. Blood, urine, fecal. Nothing showed up. We had an ultra sound done on my dog's belly. Nothing out of the ordinary.

He is currently being treated w/ metronidazole & pepcid ac 10mg. This was because he had a severe amount and kind of diarrhea for a week &  would also threw up his food. He is lethargic, some panting on & off. Is getting really thin. He does not want any food. He will still drink water.

He''s lost 12+ lbs over several months. The first round of treatment helped him. He still needed small meals, too much gets thrown back up. After being off of the first round of meds he seemed to slide into not feeling well again. Not so much diarrhea but more pudding like consistency w/some formed. Would sometimes throw back his food. . We''re going back to our Vet. tomorrow.

Can anyone please  help me think of what else to look for, or what to do?  Has anyone dealt with something like this and what did you do?  

We have another dog and she's fine.

I am open to any suggestions, I am desperate to help this dog. He is such a wonderful little man in a dog suit! He's been my best friend for years now.

Thanks again,

Thank you for time and your help

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I know that mucusy diahrea and vomitting can be a sign of kidney disease.  I know your vet did blood work already, but ask again to have his kidney enzymes done again.  I hope your baby gets better soon. I know how hard it is.
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Sounds like colitis. I agree get bloodwork done and then look at GI tract. My 1 dog gets severe flare ups of colitis with blood, mucus, weight loss etc. He gets an intestinal steroid Budesonide, sulfasalazine, salmon and rice diet exclusively and 1/4 tsp of pancreatic enzyme with food. Good Luck
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Have you taken your dog to the vet again?    All the things you have mentioned is what we have been through with our 8mo Husky, with 3 vet visits in less then a month with ultrasound to abdomon also.

Everytime he seems to be getting better his vomitting starts again and he has not maintained a firm stool for over a month........pudding like or diaheria at worst.

Thank you
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I had a Husky/Shepard she was 14 yrs old and was doing fine. then one day she got real sick, started vomiting and would not eat and I had to carry inside and outside.So I took her to the vet They ran test and found nothing wrong, Well as days went on she got worst,Blood all over her rectum,vomiting all the time, So I took her back to the vet, at this point he suggested I put her down. I decided not too. But then she got even worst, and would cry at nights, I would stay up with her all night. But nothing helped. So on June 1st I had her put down. I cried like a baby, I miss my old friend always there with me, car rides, walks. just seems empty without her. plus I lost my job for missing to much to take her to the vet All I can suggest to you is keep an eye on your friend and if possible get another opnion as soon as you can. Hope your baby gets better.

Good Luck: Joe S
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Did they take an xray to see the intestines? Sometimes they get a gas pocket build up that can turn deadly....
Until unfortunely you find the source, you can do some of these tips:
Boil rice, drain the water, use the rice water
alternate w/mild flavor gatorade no red
Ask vet for PECTIN, use twice daily w/a little pepcid or better I like Pepto Bismal
Amoxicillian Antibiotic
Add cottage cheese to diet asap when tolerable....
Be very persistant w/this remedy, until you find another solution or better...
Amoxi antibiotic good for intestinal bacteria and stomach and not so rough
Pectin is giving the runny stool a texture and help the runs to stop
Rice water helps holistically w/healing the guts
Gatorade replaces the potassium and water needed
Cottage cheese or Canned Pie Pumpkin is smoothing and tolerable to guts until healed.
Keep pet calm away from loud noises and cool...
If not drinking on own very well, get the syringe and syringe these hints, and stay on top of it...
Good Luck, and so sorry your little fella is not well...
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have you been able to see a positive result in your husky yet?
What advice did you end up following?
My siberian husky is 10 years old and 4 days ago fell very ill with all the sam esypmtoms. His eyes have even gone from a light blue to a severe green. Poor thing has no appetite either. I also am at my wits end and need help.
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yes she is ok you just need to feed her weat bread and pumpkin if you do your dog will feel amazing in no time
You think all dogs respond well to wheat bread and pumpkin?  Sometimes I am afraid to give my dogs things to cure what is wrong only to have a new problem.
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