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Siberian Husky puppy swelling with fluid as though pregnant

Has anyone else experienced any problems with their puppies around 4
1/2 months suddenly filling up with fluid like they are expecting
puppies? This is my second Siberian husky to have this problem, and they
are not related. I wondered if the vaccinations or the heartworm
medication combined would cause this in this breed? I know everyone
gets their shots and worming done, but the coincidence that two of my
dogs get this is like one in a million. They have also suggested
they may have got hold of a small amount of sago palms but I don't
think that happened although we do have them. Just wondering if
anyone else has experienced this. I will go into more detail if you
want. The first dog, Maya had to be put to sleep on Christmas day
(we thought it was congenital) but after we got another husky from
another breeder they started thinking it might be environmental,
although I think otherwise since our 12 year old Golden Retriever
has been in the same environment for 11 years. It is heartbreaking.
They are doing many tests including a liver biopsy on this one,
Alexxa. She is on meds and acts
like she feels good--just the fluid is there, has been drained three
times, (drained 13 lbs off on a Friday and then 8 lbs on Monday,
then went 5 wks before accumulating again. New vet is doing many
tests and very expensive but looking for a cause. No answers it
seems-- we are devastated. Please let me know if you've seen
problems like this before in your practice or with your own siberian
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Wow - you've really got an odd case on your hands.  I think your best bet here is to post your question to Dr. Cheng on the Ask a Vet forum.  Keep us posted on your pup's condition.  :-)
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We've had Siberian huskies for years.

The fluid could be due to worms or possibly an allergy to his vaccinations.  Sounds like you're doing all you can.  I hope your boy is alright.

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i hope you little guy is ok. maybe it is environmental. it just seems strange that two would have the same problem. dogs are like people different things effect them in different ways and that could be why you other dog isn't effected.
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hello i'm going thru the same problem with my 9 yr old black lab have done the test and has been drained of 9 lbs the first time and now 2 weeks lated she is looking pregant again. i.m confused as what to do next ,change vets i am going to have her drained again this week. any ideas thanks charlie
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my dog's tummy has been getting bigger and bigger.  have run tons of bloodwork testing for everything from cushings to liver issues and more.  everything normal from bloodwork.  has ultrasound and exray which showed a very enlarged liver area.  belly continues to get larger.  vet says biopsy may be risky, due to age and clotting issues.  going to run more bloodwork in two day and to check for clotting ability.  right now, mistified as what issue is and what to do.
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Wow, I feel bad for you.  I cannot believe they drained that much fluid off a 4 1/2 month old puppy???  I'm so sorry to hear you lost Maya and, yes, my first question would have been are they related. Do you have their pedigrees and are you sure they aren't maybe line bred on the same line? Do you understand how to read a pedigree?  Have you contacted the breeder (s) to see if any other pups are affected with this?  I would hope they would be honest with you, should that be the case.  It could be they get, or have gotten, into  something your Golden has not.  I've been trying to see if I can find any info about the breed being predisposed to Ascites but don't see anything.  However, I did find this  link and it seems to have some good information and recommendations you might want to mention to your Vet, if these tests haven't already been done.  Hope you can figure it out. Please keep us posted. Feel bad for you  :-(

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