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Siberian Husky with bad allergies

I have a Siberian Husky that has really bad allergies.  Runny nose, etc.  I have the same allergies as she but nothing seems to help either of us.  I have tried Benedryl (for us both) and Allegra, Claridon, etc. and none of them have helped either of us.  My Vet gave her some that didn't help either.  Does anyone know of allergy drug that I could give her to help her????? (over the counter)
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Please read the threads on allergies on this first page of posts.  There are many things, and drugs are at best a temporary aid to bridge the time until the aggravation can identified and removed.   The thread about the 9 year old has some great discussion about food allergies.  

While my experience with food allergies in dogs is related to skin itch, the reaction can also surface in other ways I believe.

Now if your dog just has allergies during spring it could be seasonal, not food..
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thank you for your comments about my Huskies allergies.  I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
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I would work on the possibility if a food allergy too, at least in the dog.
What are you feeding now?  You may want to try a fish based food with no grains and gradually transition over.  Just that, no treats, etc and see if you notice any improvement.
If you use plastic feeding bowls, switch to stainless steel or ceramic.
If the dog is sleeping or laying on synthetic material, switch it out for terry cloth or 100% cotton.
May take a while to notice results, but no harm, no fowl.
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Welcome.....Just curious, what did your Vet give her that didn't help?

This may or may not help you, but I have a dog that has a severe runny nose, ONLY from artificial scents such as candles or those plug in wall scents....Fabric softeners make my son to the same thing!

Took me awhile to figure it out, though....  ;)   Vet even laughed, because his nose (The dog's) was running so bad, we had to grab Kleenex, when I took him in....

As far as treatment for allergies, I think Zyrtec works the best.....However, you must be faithful and wait 3 days to notice a difference......Karla

How many Zyrtec?  My husky weighs 76 lbs, so i’m Thinking 1, the vet told me to give 2 Benadryl in the morning and 2 at night, it’s not helping and want to try Zyrtec.
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Thanks!  I will try a fish-based food to give her.  The vets allergy shots just never worked.  thanks for the feedback.  I appreciate it very much.
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Also I will switch to different food and water dishes as right now they are plastic.  I will try everything!  Thanks again!!
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I think it was Benedryl she gave her and I have already tried her on that. I don't believe I have tried Zertec yet so I will try that too and will wait 3 days to see results.  Benedry just put her to sleep and thats no good. I have tried others too.  I do use Sense and Spray fragrances but she had a runny nose long before I got them.   I have the same problem allergies as she does-runny nose and congestion but I can blow my nose and she can't-poor baby!!  Thanks so much for taking the time to write me about this.  I love this website because alot of the time you don't no who to ask or to turn too.  Thanks so much and I will try Zertec on both of us!!!
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