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Sick Wolfhound

I have a 7 month old Irish Wolfhound. For the last 6 days she has had a fever between 103 and 104.6, initially she should not eat or drink, now she will drink but will only eat small amounts of certain foods. Today she started limping, and having trouble using her back right leg to stand up, the leg seems to be causing her pain but I have yet to find any one point on her (anywhere) that causes her pain when I press on it. We have not been able to find any external injuries on her.

She has been to a vet a couple of times now. Tests came back with a high white blood cell count. She is negative for any tick born diseases. Urine and stool have been normal looking. The vet isn't sure what is going on and all of the tests they are guessing at are both getting expensive and not helping. She is on antibiotics, and currently has a fever of 103.0. Her awareness has been improving but the limp has been developing and getting worse.

Any ideas, thoughts, or things to look for would be amazing. Thank you
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I am so sorry your pup is not well.  Glad to see she has been seen by a Vet where, I assume, a complete blood panel was done to check her liver and kidney function, etc.  I am not real familiar with the Giant breeds but one condition came to mind and that is Panosteitis (Pano).  I did a search real quick and found this site, bonaforte.com.  You might want to check that site and try your own Google search.  Suggest this to your Vet or you might even consider a second opinion with a Vet or Vet school that is familiar with the breed.  You can also do a search for the National Wolfhound Club. Often the parent clubs if many breeds can have information dealing with that particular breed.
Good luck and please come back to update.
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Has her back leg been xrayed?  She is a bit too young for osteosarcoma but it is not unheard of.  
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The Irish Wolfhound Foundation is at: www.iwfoundation.org

The Irish Wolfhound Club of America is at: www.iwclubofamerica.org

Both are great resorces for health issues.  Another one out of the U.K. is the Irish Wolfhound Health Group at www.iwhg.org

Are you near a university Vet school?  
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