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Sick siberian husky

I have a seven year old siberian husky, and for the past week or so she has had absolutely no energy. She usually gobbles her food but now we have to basically hand feed her. She won't really wag her tail, and doesnt even attempt to get up when she sees us. She has also run a fever(for the past 3 days that i know of-104.5 then went down to about 103. We have taken her to the vet 3 times, and he has given her an antibiotic shot and cortisone pill. He's checked and doesn't think its hookworms and she takes heart worm medicine. Any help? getting worried
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Something is obviously going on.  Glad you took a temp.  Was that a rectal temp?  Did the Vet do any blood work and check stool samples?  Why is he giving antibiotics and cortisone?  Without at least these tests and possible X-rays as a starting point, anything would be a guess.
Any history if this before?
Have you changed or added any food?
Does the dig seem to be in pain?
Any vomiting or diarrhea?
Any chance she got into something in or outside the house (plants, trash, see any dead animals around, any poison out in the yard or in the house)
Just too hard to tell.
Is it hot in your area?  If so, is the dog kept cool?
Is she continuing to drink water?

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yes that was a rectal temp. he's checked stool samples-no worms found, but he hasn't done blood work. Not sure what the medicines he has given her is supposed to do-i think possibly reduce fever and perk her up. She hasn't had these symptoms before. No vomiting or anything like that. I don't think she has gotten into anything, but she could have. yes, it is very hot in my area but we have been keeping her mostly inside or at least on a tile/stone porch area, and she is still drinking water. Thanks!
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I question, with the temps and symptoms why he didn't run at least a CBC.  If she is still no better tomorrow, I would insist on blood work or consult another Vet.  I don't like putting "band aids" on things.
Keep an eye on the temp.  You can hose her down and towel her off.  I know she has a heavy coat but you can get a spray bottle with water in it and Spray her down pretty well all over then take your hands and rub well into the coat.  You can give her ice cubes in her bowl.
The 103 temp may be a sign of something or just the heat.  Check it a couple of times today after she has been inside where you know she is cool enough.
Keep us posted.  It "may" just be the heat but you seem to be on top if this and know your dog best.
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