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Skin problem

My 17 week old German shepherd puppy seems to have some type of skin infection or issue. She came from a dirty home and I noticed under her armpits she has weird marks and flaky skin. It's on both armpits and a little on her lower tummy. It looks like her skin is flaking off but still attached to her skin or hair. She's been itching a lot all over, not just in this area. She has a vet appointment Friday but I am just really worried. I'm posting pictures, someone help!

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I don't know how you ended up with this poor puppy but hope you aren't just keeping some person in business.

That being said, glad you have a Vet appt on Friday so at least you are doing the right thing.  Please make sure the pup gets a full series of shots and I don't recommend taking it out to public places as there is a risk of Parvo.

She was probably on a poor diet.  What are you feeding?  Try a grain free food with Omega 3in it.

You can bath in an oatmeal shampoo that is made for dogs.  If there are no open sores, you can rinse with diluted Apple Cider vinegar, about 1part vinegar to 2parts water.  Let that sit fir a few minutes and rinse well.  Do not do this near the face.  Do it from the back of the neck down.  

Show the areas of irritation to the Vet who may want to do a skin scraping to check for mites.

Make sure you take in a fresh stool sample with you to be checked for parasites.  The Vet should give you worming meds too.

Goid luck and keep us posted..  
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Any photos yet??? That would help....Karla
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