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Skin rash after a bath with human shampoo?

Four days ago we gave our dog a bath with human shampoo. The day after we noticed he had a big fluffy ball of hair under his neck so we cut some of his hair around his neck off with some scissors and though nothing of it.

Today, four days later since his bath we noticed a small dime sized red rash around his neck, about half and inch or less in size. Soon after we saw this rash we gave him a warm bath with oatmeal mixed into the water and washed him off again hoping to get rid of any of the shampoo that we previously used on him.

He still drinks water regularly and eats food regularly so he doesn't have much of an appetite problem. He does seem to be resting a lot more than usual but not to the point where he doesn't get excited over his favorite treat or when we get home. His ears are clean just as they usually are as well so we do not suspect a yeast infection going on.

Is the rash anything to worry about? Will it heal in the next couple of days? Should we do anything more to keep it clean?

Here are some pictures we managed to take, though they aren't very clear


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forgot to add, since then we haven't really seen him scratch or itch it as much. We never actually saw him scratch but he has not had a big puff of hair since the first day.
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I'd give a rash the dog is "living with" a few days to get better, especially if I thought I knew what caused it.  Human most anything isn't best of dogs - there are exceptions.

An oatmeal shampoo made for dogs may be a good path forward,

I have used lots of thinks for rash on the feet/legs including diluted vinegar and Epsom salts - and Iodine... but from what you describe just some gental washing with a dog safe soap may do the job.
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Can you please list the ingredients that you can read on the human shampoo bottle? This will help identify the problem. I think you have learned a valuable lesson ... never use anything intended for humans on your dog. The same is true for some foods, cooked at home or bought packaged. Dogs have an anatomical system similar to ours, but their biological systems are very different.

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I can't tell by the photos.....Are you sure this isn't a "Hot Spot"?  Karla
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