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Some Good Wishes

The other day, I think my sweet Seven landed on a nail head. She has an ugly owie on her belly. I've been cleaning it, but it worries me, especially since she spends quite a bit of time in the yard, which has no grass yet, just dirt. It took some financial finageling, but I'm gonna get her into the vet tomorrow to get a prescription for antibiotics. It's just way too ugly to leave it up to hydrogen peroxide alone. Some good wishes that she heals quickly w/ no side effects are requested.
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Sounds like you've done the right thing for your Seven. If ever there's a wound that doesn't respond to antiseptic treatment, or looks worse even though you looked after it, then it's time for antibiotics.
You've got my good wishes. I am sure this will heal ok. Blessings for both of you!
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