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Spot went away

I made a question post couple hours ago. I took my dog for a walk he came back and the white spot is gone. I looked at it with a magnifying glass rubbed it to make sure itvwas a spot !and now it's gone. My question is what is making it disappear will it come back?confused but happy its gone.  
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Hi, I just looked at the profile picture and could see the little white spot you mentioned.
And now it's gone? That is a mystery, and hopefully with a good ending!  I am trying to imagine what it was, that it should disappear after a walk.
Is there any mark at all left behind?
It could have been a tiny sebacious cyst which just popped while he was sniffing some grass....it could have been a tiny fleck of some flaked paint or some other tiny white object he got stuck to his nose...?
If it had been a tiny spot or cyst, it probably would leave behind a little red spot or something which you might be able to see if you look again with the magnifier.
If it was a small bit of debris stuck on there, then most likely there'd be no trace.
Can you wipe where it was, gently with a damp tissue? Just in case it is still there and covered up by a bit of dirt from sniffing on the walk?
But anyway, it's good to hear it appears to have gone.  I never liked finding any unusual thing on my dog either!
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