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Stool Issue

We have an 18 month German shorthair female.  About a month ago, after being in a pet resort for a couple of times, now has mustard colored stool and very soft.    We took to vet, no parasites, worms, etc.  Put her on a gastro dry food and antibiotic and a floraforti powder on food - it seemed to help somewhat the first couple of days but still not all normal.  We then put her on hamburger, white rice, and cottage cheese for a week - stool was part brown and part mustard colored.   She acts healthy, lots of energy, same behavior etc, nothing changed there,   strong, eats very good and lots of water.     I put her back on the gastro type of food, and have given her some non-fat plain yogurt.  She is still showing very soft and mustard stools.   We had given her some table scraps prior to the month that we went on vacation.   I am not sure what it could be or what to do.   I have talked to a couple of vets and the one suggested the hamburger combo, said it might have been her previous food (Eukanuba) which she had been on since a pup and then we changed to the adullt level.    Can you give me any suggestions as to what this could be or what to do next on this.   She had normal stools all the way up to a month ago.  
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A parasite infection known as giardia, a diarrheal
illness caused by a microscopic parasite also
produces diarrhea and soft stools that are yellow
in color.
My feelings for this are he was at a kennel,they may
have cleaned kennels,washed stool matter and urine
onto the ground,dogs drinking from this puddle can
become infected.YOUR VET CAN TREAT HIM for
this with the proper antibiotics,it can be hard to find
sometimes in a test but my gut feeling is this could
be the issue.
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If it is Giardia, you should have at least 3 stool samples tested on different days as it dies not necessarily show up in just one.  You have to clean everything you can and bleach what you can daily, feed and water bowls.  Try to confine the dog going to the bathroom in one area, preferably one you can clean.
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Thanks Margot for including this as I
forgot to add this ;) Also my vet does
suggest using 1/2 bleach to 1/2 water
to wash everything,rinse water and
metal food bowls( I use metal here)
then  I just use the throw away,
tossable gloves pulling them off so
the used part comes off inside out,
then I tie the ends and toss as I do
not want Giardia, I then rinse my
hands with the same solution ( bleach
and water,rinse hands really well ) as
an added precaution. ( I have had
Giardia many years ago,when I had
two dogs kenneled ouside our home
NOT fun)
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