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Strange dog eating habits

My little 2 year old Maltesex shihtzu highlanderterrier cross has been displaying some odd eating habits the last month and a half. Bandit, has been noticeably eating less and less and it is concerning seeing as though he is usually a guts. What is most strange is when he does try and eat, he whimpers and looks unsettled and moves around his food as if he can't get it or he's just out of reach. When it is easily accessible and he even pushes the food around with his nose. I thought the shiny bowl may have had something to do with it and that my dog was getting upset over its reflection but a change in bowl to a flat matte plate has had no effect  and then a change of eating areas but he still acts the same. I have even changed the foods a dozen times to see if that is the problem with no change in the behaviour. I have also noticed when he gets food that I know be likes and give it to him by hand , he sometimes does but sometimes he won't eat it there and then like normal, he drops it out of his mouth on to the floor or my bed and uses his nose to push the covers or rub the carpet in towards the food as if he's burying it with his nose. I noticed a week or so ago that he also does this nose thing outside in the dirt or sand too. He doesn't have any other signs or symptoms and his food has no other interference, I'm getting very worried about him as he doesn't seem to be eating hardly any of the food that I give out to him, he has both dry food and wet food available. Has any one seen this behaviour  before? What should I do or should he get to the vet?
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Welcome...A month and a half???? You need to take him to his Vet ASAP.....Won't eat or CAN'T eat????? Have his teeth & mouth checked....There may be a problem there that's causing pain while eating....In a tiny dog like this, waiting any longer can only make it worse.....A month & 1/2 without enough nutrition can cause many other problems.....Come back & let us know what the Vet says......Good luck, Karla
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I seem to be able to hand feed him okay without any troubles it's just him eating by himself. He has been eating food I give to give by hand without any issues at all.
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Totally agree with Karla.  He needs to be seen by a Vet and have his mouth and throat checked.  You may also ask that his eyes and vision be checked.
Yes, please update.
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