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Stray blind/deaf dog with lumps

Recently, I found a stray female Blue Heeler. She has cataracts and is completely blind. She seems to be either near or completely deaf. Her teeth aren't in awful shape, but they're a little worn down. She pees large amounts frequently. Roughly 4 times in a 20 minute period. She seems older, at least 7 years I'm guessing. She has en excellent temperament and will let me look at her teeth, grab her tail and back end, etc. She's slightly underweight. She has two nearly flat, soft lumps on her chest, which seem like fatty tumors to me. Her teets are rock hard and grape sized. None of these seem to hurt her and she will let me feel them without any signs of distress. Other than this, she's a very sweet, happy dog. I've put posters up everywhere and asked around (I live in a small town) and no one knows her. I plan on taking her to the vet, but I'd like to have a slight idea of how serious this could be.
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God bless, hope you can help the old dog.. may be someone abandoned her.  Sad, but that happens.

We have a rescue (was estimated) 8 yo we adopted.  He was found near starvation and deaf in Liberty State Park in Hoboken NJ  His teeth are no great but we have had them cleaned on one removed.  His is our dog, we adopted him.  

Some dogs develop "fat pockets" but I associate that with older (10 yo or more) large dogs - i.e.,,near end of life.  This is not a diagnosis of your dog's condition - an investment in a vet check up would be very good for the dog, and rewarding for you as I read you care.
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