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Swelling on my Jack Russells throat?

My female Jack Russell Terrier (7 years old) was not feeling well for about a day and a half. She wasent acting like herself. Normally when I would come home, she would bark and greet me at the door, but this time she was in her bed. Also when she went out side to pee, she was not able to jump up the two stairs to get inside. I called my vet and made an appointment for the next day. On that day I left my house and came back after 4 hours (23:30), I went to my room to check up on her and I saw that her THROAT was swollen (mostly on her left side). I rushed her to the emergency vet, the vet began checking everything, she said that she has a mild fever. When she was looking and touching her neck she couldnt understand what the cause and didnt know what was swollen. I then remember that my other dog (chihuahua) had fake pregnancy before and started to milktate and I noticed that her breast wore swollen. I told the vet to see if she is milktating and it turned out she was. She had puppies before (1 yr and 5 months back). It looked like this was a cause of an infection. BUT the vet didnt understand the reason for the SWELLING OF HER THROAT. ALLEGIC REACTION???......DONT KNOW. I have an appointment tomorrow with the vet to do blood work and sonogram. (I'am giving her these pills that the doctor gave me and they have been helping with her fever and she is feeling more active and happy). ANY SUGGESTIONS ABOUT THE SWELLING?...
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Normally, if a female was lactating (without having a litter of pups) -and feeling ill as well, with a fever, I would immediately suspect Pyometra.
Pyometra is an infection of the uterus, where the uterus fills with pus, and needs urgent attention, usually surgery (hysterectomy) and intravenous fluids. It comes on usually a few weeks after the "heat" cycle (though it CAN happen any time, and can even happen DURING the "heat" cycle) -though about 8 weeks or so after is far more common.
Usually that is around the time a "False Pregnancy" will occur in dogs susceptible to this hormonal imbalance. So that is what would make me suspect it.

However, I can't see the relation to a swelling on one side of her throat -so the false pregnancy symptoms could just be co-incidental.
It does sound more like a reaction maybe to a sting or bite. I don't know what insects etc could bite at this time of year. It is possible for bees to be around if the weather is mild. It's also possible that a stray bee could have got inside your house during the Autumn, and survived....(?) Bit of a long-shot, but possible.
Another idea if swelling of the lymph node in the neck, possibly as a result of some localized infection-source, such as an infected back tooth, probably lower-jaw? Did the vet check this? That could also cause a fever in some cases.
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