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Swollen After Spay

I have a 6 month old golden retriever, and I got her spayed one week ago. A couple nights ago I noticed her incision area was very swollen. It looks like there is an egg under her incision. She does not bother it, I have never even seen her pay any attention to it since I brought her home. She is acting completely normal and eating normally. It is not red, hot, oozing or draining, no puss, and no other typical sign of infection. It is not causing her any pain, and it is soft. Could it be a reaction to the dissolvable stitches/glue they used? Or should I take her to the vet? I tried giving her a benadryl when I noticed it, but that didn't do anything.

Any help is much appreciated!
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Best thing you can do is at least call the Vet and possibly take her in to get checked.  My Vet does not charge fir post procedure follow up.
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I agree I would call the vet and if he wants to see her then you can take her in or he can suggest something over the phone for you to try. It's a good sign your not seeing any discharge or redness. I hope everything is ok. Oh and I also agree if you take her in it should be considered a post op visit and most places won't charge you an office visit for a post op.
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A post-op check up usually is part of the surgery service and no extra cost....at least it's that way here in the UK. Most vets will include one post-op check, and a further one to remove stitches (if they are not dissolvable) But if there are any complications, or if it's a case of very major surgery, they will often include more than one post-surgery check.

I think it would be wise to call the vet as soon as you can, and ask for her to be checked.
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Any updates?  Have had a number if animals spay over the years and have never seen a lump like that.  Almost looks herniated.
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She went back to the clinic this afternoon, and they told me it was fluid buildup from her being too active. I don't remember the name they had for it. They said hot compresses and a few weeks and she'd be back to normal. Thanks for the help!
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Thanks for updating.  Hope that takes care of it.
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