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Swollen glands and feet

My 12 year old Mexican Hairless has swollen lymph nodes in her neck and shoulder/chest area. All four of her feet are swollen as well. About 2 months ago, I took her to the vet who diagnosed her with Lymphoma. She then sent me to an internist who exasperated the glands and sent it off to a pathologist. The results came back as not suspicious for Lymphoma. They also ran blood tests, checked her for mange, and finally decided it might be an allergic reaction. She took steroids and antibiotic(for an infection in her eye). The nodes decreased in size while she was taking the meds. Now, the swelling is back and possibly worse. I'm really worried about her and don't want to take her to the same vets. I'm going to try to get her into a different doctor, but I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas. The vet called her a "medical mystery". I can't imagine what it might be.
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Hope you find answers.  If possible, consider consulting a specialist.  
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I am not sure what it could be as it sounds like Lymphoma, unfortunately, or lme issue with the lymphatic system.  I would get a second opinion also.  Do you happen to have a University Vet school within travel distance from you or see if you have a cancer specialist in your area.
Good luck.
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