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Swollen neck and face

I noticed my dogs face near her cheek is swollen and her neck on the same side is also swollen, its soft in her neck not hard. It wasnt a gradual growth i just notices it last night. Shes acting completly normal shell let me touch it. She does have bad teeth but my vet has never been able to check her mouth for as long as ive had her. I adopted her and she not very nice with other people (we have to muzzle her and sedate her prior to going to the vet).

Any ideas of what could be causing this?
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If you know for sure she does have bad teeth, then teeth would be the first thing I would think of. If she has an abscess under a tooth, it would cause quite a swelling. And it would be likely to affect the nearest lymph nodes, and cause swelling there too.

There has to be a solution found for the vet's inability to examine her mouth.If she is that bad when examined, she will have to be sedated fully, for the vet to take a look. But it is wise to do that I think. An untreated abscess could possibly spread infection which could affect her brain.

That is IF it is a tooth abscess.

There could be another reason for the swelling. Could she have been bitten, or stung by anything? Can you see any puncture wounds?
How is she otherwise? Will she eat and drink as normal? Does she have any other symptoms such as sleepiness or lethargy?

I think she is going to have to go see the vet.
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I dont see anything around the are. She is acting normal she plays and runs around like she usually does, eats fine and drinks like normal. The only real symptom is the swelling and i notice she shakes her hear everyonce and a while.

Becuase it happened so fast im worried it can get 2x that bad so i made the earliest appt at my vets office for tomarrow.

Thank you for your help.
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I wonder if it could be an ear infection?
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They told me she must have gotten something loged in her throat and her body trying to break it down caused a virus. they put her on a perscription diet and alot of antibiotics and a prednisone - swelling has gone down already and shes getting back to her old self :)
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Thanks so much for posting back to tell us how she is doing.
Yes something stuck in her throat could very well set up an infection. The treatment should take care of that.

Well the mystery is solved, and I am glad she is getting better, and back to her old self. Belly rubs from me!

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Thanks so much for reporting back with an update!

I'm glad to hear that they don't think it's anything too serious, and that she is already responding to the treatment.  Hopefully she'll be back to her old self in no time!  Do you have any photos of her that you can post?  I'd love to see a pic of her!

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