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Swollen tummy and doesn't want to eat.

My dog is about 8years old. She has a swollen tummy and doesn't want to eat, she just drinks water nothing els. Do somebody knows what the problem may be. And is there something I can do?
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You say "she", is she neutered?

How long has the condition existed, it it getting worse, or about the same?

Has she eaten anything unusual - something in the yard or street?  Or off the floor that we humans might eat but never give to our dog - I can't think of anything in particular, but I know my Westie (dog) has food allergies, so he could pick up something we accidentally dropped on the floor and get sick from it. I no longer giive him any table scraps.
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I would get her checked out soon. There is nothing that you can do at home without knowing the underlying cause. She must be very uncomfortable with the swollen abdomen and is obviously telling you that she doesn't feel well by not eating. What kind of dog is she? Is she spayed? If she is not spayed, it could be something like a pyometra (infected uterus) that is a surgical emergency. She could also have an endocrine dysfunction known as Cushing's disease that makes them drink and urinate more than usual. Their abdomens tend to appear pendulous due to muscle wasting. If she seems to be slowing down and unable to exert the energy that she used to, she could have heart disease that is causing ascites or fluid in the abdomen. She could also have some sort of neoplasia or cancer that can cause the abdomen to appear distended. These are just a few differentials, but your vet should do a thorough physical exam, blood work, and potentially xrays or an abdominal ultrasound to determine what is wrong. This is not something that you should "wait and see". Good luck!
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Yes she is spayed. It just happened al of the sudden, the swelling has come down and
she is eating a little bit. Thanks for the Help*
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I think you might want to take her in for a blood test to be on the safe side.  y 11 yo min pin was diagnosed with pancreatitis and it was very scary.
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