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Temporary or permanent blindness?

Hello, I have a female schnauzer/chihuahua mix that's about 10-11 (?) months old. On the 26th of May, she was hospitalized due to parvo. She was a very severe case, and we didn't think she'd make it. Her blood sugar was extremely low, as was her temperature. However, she survived and now she's home with us. She's been home for a week now, and she's been constantly bumping into objects (not necessarily as much now), but she doesn't come to me or my mom when we call her. She'll respond by perking up her ears, but she'll walk towards us and then veer off in another direction. She's also very skittish when we pick her up or pet her. I took her to the vet today for a recheck and he said "it looks like she can't see" but her hearing is "just fine". He said her retinas haven't detached (which sometimes occurs with high blood pressure? something along those lines), but she can't see directly in front of her. He refererred me to an ophthalmologist (I'm sorry if I spelled that wrong), and we have an appointment for tomorrow. However I just want to hear other opinions and see if there are any similar stories. Is this possible blindness temporary or does it sound permanent? Thanks in advance!
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Hi. You are extremely lucky that she made through the serious parvo infection. Many dogs don't. Why wasn't she vaccinated? Do you know? Detached retinas can lead to permanent blindness and a full examination and testing will be required to diagnose whether surgery may be appropriate. Sometimes the retina can be encouraged to regrow, but only your specialist will be able to advise properly about this.

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