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The Death of my Beautiful little Sugar

My beautiful Sugar and her brother Spike were Shitzu mixes.  Sugar and Spike were more attached to each other then any love that I had ever witnessed!  They were both just 10 years old.  Spike was in the final stages of renal failure.  I gave him sub Q fluids for over a year.  I did everything to keep him alive.  Sugar, who was healthy, was so upset over her brother's illness.  She understood and never left his side.  
One day Sugar barked at the mailman and began to scream in terrible pain!  I ran to her, she was upside down and crying.  She looked like she was having a heart attack.  She never showed signs of heart trouble.  She was active and healthy, (so I thought).  I ran her to the vet and he couldn't give me a diagnosis without testing.  He suggested that I wait to see if it happened again.  The next day, it did, but this time, (again when the mailman came and she was excited), she screamed and screamed, then she got quiet and stopped breathing!  I did CPR with chest compressions for two mins. and she began breathing on her own.  I was in shock that I had just saved her life.  My vet thought that I was exaggerating.  He said that he had never been able to bring a dog back with CPR!  He ordered an Eco Cardiogram and a Sonogram.  They did not find anything significantly wrong with her heart, she did have a murmur
but, the vet said not to worry, she's not dying from it!  He insisted that at her age, she probably had a brain tumor!  I could not believe it, she DID NOT have any symptoms, ever and she would not be screaming in pain when she got excited.  
The next day, 9/11/13 she got excited, collapsed, started screaming, stopped breathing and turned blue! I didn't do the CPR this time because I believed that she wouldn't die from the seizure that the vet said she was now having!  My little girl died from something i"ll never really know.  I swear it was the heartbreak of Spike being so sick.  I WAS DEVASTATED!  So was Spike, he cried and laid on her nose for two hours!  I put him to sleep with her, it's what he would have wanted.  They were a true Romeo and Juliet story.  I lost my two babies in one day.  CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME TO find some peace and answers in my beautiful little girls death!  I'm crushed......
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Your story is very sad and I don't understand why you put the healthy dog down, but I have never had two dogs at the same time, so I do not have any experience.  I would think having one alive would help you.. maybe not.

The only way forward I know works is to give another dog or two a home.  You maybe be able to find a pair of rescued dogs that are looking for a person willing to take both dogs.  I have seen such cases and it is sad to think some of these dogs get separated or don't find a "forever home".
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Hi Jerry,
Thanks for your kind understanding.  I did not put a healthy dog down.  Her brother had renal failure and he was in the final stages.  I kept him alive a year and a half long then the vet said he would live.  I gave him IV's at home and homeopathic medicine and a special diet.  I gave him the longest quality of life that anyone would.  I devoted my life to his care.  I was going to put him down that Fri., but when Sugar died so suddenly and he slept on her nose for two hours.  I knew that Spike did not need to wait until Fri. and live one day in pain without her.  It was Wed., and I had to let him go just one day sooner then I was planning.  He was suffering and he would have died on his own that night without her.

I have another little Maltese that is lost without his family.  He is also sick.  He had diabetes, I also kept him alive much longer then anyone could.  I have spent over 20,000 to get him to recover from pancreatitis.

I have always had at least two dogs, but although they are close, I have never seen a connection like Sugar and Spike!  Their love was like no other.  They were lucky to have the opportunity to spend their lives together.  I was blessed to have them and to witness such a beautiful love and respect for each other.  Now, they will spend eternity together.  

One day I will get another brother and sister and give them the same beautiful life together, living on the water on Long Island, home cooked meals, special beds and all the love that any one of us dream of.

Hope this explains why I put Spike to sleep.
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Thanks for the explanation, again as I recognize what you are saying you had said in the original post.  What you did was in fact loving and very understandable and I sleep better knowing and understanding the love story, which includes you.

I see you are new here, and I hope you will continue to visit and contribute your help to others who have questions and sadness.  

I also see you have posted pictures in your profile and I'll look more closely next.

We have another contributor and leader on this Community who goes by the handle "MisFits4me" you may enjoy reading her profile information and I suspect will find much in commonness with her.

Wishing you many happy days ahead and that more dogs benefit from your loving care.
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Hi Jerry,
You're very sweet.  I did read your profile and I hope you are feeling ok>  You seemed to have been through so much.  

Stay well
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Oh My......God bless you & your little ones! What you did took tremendous courage and was well thought out! That was a very unselfish undertaking and my heart goes out to you....

I'm so sorry for your loss! I have read & re-read your post & I personally do not know what caused your Sugar's problems, I'm sorry to say...Seems very unusual to me.....Has your Vet got any ideas?? If nothing else, to ease your mind?

Again, my sincere condolences to you and your sweet Maltese.....Please stick around and join us here...It may help ease your mind even if for only a few moments......Karla
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Thank you for your condolences.  I have been devastated and can not get over the emptiness in my heart and in my home.  They gave me all of the love that I needed and I feel so lost.  I'll never know what really happened to Sugar.  The vet says, 100% it had to be a brain tumor.  My father had Three and I know the signs and symptoms.  I respectfully disagree with him.  It WAS a heart attack, inspite of the tech finding nothing significant on all of the tests!  She was heart broken over Spike and maybe that level of stress would not show in an eco cardiogram.  I don't know.  She was so smart and that morning she knew that Spike was struggling, she came to me as if to ask me something.  I stopped what I was doing and sat with her, I said, "what sweetheart, what's wrong, you look nervous and upset?  Are you worried about brother?  I know it upsets you to see him so sick, (I had just taken him off another IV).  I have to put him to sleep soon baby.  He has to go to heaven and get his wings." I cried and cried with her and said, "I'm so so sorry, I know how much you love him, I do too and I did everything that I can to save him for me and you"!  She ran away as if she understood, I went looking to see where she ran.  She went to find Spike, dug herself under the couch to be by his side and laid down on him!!  I knew that she understood EVERYTHING that I said.  I even took pictures of that moment.  I called my priest and took all three to church.  I left the Maltese in the car and just took Sugar and Spike in.  The priest began blessing Sugar, while not noticing Spike in my arms.  Sugar was bouncing around saying hi to everyone.  While Spike lay quiet in my arms.  I said, "no Father, she's not the sick one, he is!"  He replied, as he got a kick out of her sweetness, "that's o.k. I will bless her also."  We spent the day out all together, I picked up some lunch for them and I was hoping that we missed the mailman!  He came as soon as we got home and began to have lunch together.  She barked at him, ran to me and collapsed!!!  Screaming in pain, I began to comfort her, thinking it will pass.  She was now on seizure meds, two days.  The vet said, she's young and she will not die, don't worry!  She did, as you know....Spike was so scared, he sat at the front door shaking.  I called him over to be with her and he laid down next to her and put his nose on hers!!  The tears flowed for TWO hours.  It was time to bring her in....although, my heart was ripping out of my chest, I knew that Spike would die that day too.  She laid on my lap as I sat talking to him for another two hours and told him that she was waiting in heaven for him as she always led the way for him, everywhere!  It was the most difficult decision that I have ever made in my life... Those little babies of mine were in love, together in birth, together in life and now together for eternity.  UGH!  My heart is so broken.

It hurts even more to see my little Maltese suffer the loss of his whole family, his pack.  I never thought that he would be the last one.  He was the sickest!  He now cries, sleeps by their photos and also sleeps in the spot where Sugar died, with his nose in the crease of the wall.  Sugar was the Alfa dog, the leader, my Maltese needs that direction.  Spike was so sweet to the little guy, it was his buddy.  My Malt was in the middle, now with no lead and no one to lead.  He lost and so depressed.  He's quiet and walks in circles with an old stuffed animal in his mouth.  I take him everywhere now, but he's scared and wants his family, his security.  I don't know what else to do.  We're both in shock, but I can get distracted, even to vent on the phone, he doesn't have that option and just stares at the door, waiting.
Sorry, for the long post.  It nice to be able to speak to someone with a heart that can understand.
Thanks Karla
p.s.  My priest was so shocked to hear that Sugar died, just two hours after he had fun with her!
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