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Thickend Muscle Lump

My 7yr old lahsa rapso has just had surgery as we found a lump which seemed to be under the muscle on his back left leg near the stomach. However the vet has told us that the lump was infact the muscle. He says it looks like a thickend muscle but he has only seen it once before and the last dog turned out to have muscle cancer, But he says it may just be an abnormal thickining. Ive tried looking this up on the net but cant find anything on thickend dog muscle lumps. anyone have any information?? we get the biopsy in around 10 days
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I'm sorry I haven't any experience of the same thing. My dog has a lump IN the muscle of her shoulder. She has had this for many years. I took her for it to be examined, and it is a Lipoma (a benign fatty tumor) It is harmless, doesn't need to be removed and it doesn't affect her movement. But I don't think this is the same thing as you described.
You will have to wait on those biopsy results to know exactly what this is, and what treatment is needed.
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