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Throat problem

Hi all...I am back for now. To all of you who asked... My recipes are in my old pc & it's broken. Sorry about that. I am getting it fixed though..soon I hope.
Since my Julie died, I now have 2 dogs, both I rescued from Dogtired Ranch in Mena Arkansas, from Janet Dotson.
She has great dogs but small dogs only.  My Chanel is 1 1/2 & my Sara is 4.  Chanel is a Yorkie Poo & Sara is a Yorkie. Both are awsome dogs. I wish I had more like them but 2 is enough! lol
My Chanel keeps stretching her throat. The vet gave her Orbax which didn;t seem to do much. She "honks" alot if she's excited or has a sneeze, a inward sneeze & so does Sara, but Chanel alot more.
He said to leave her be for now. She could have a colapsed trachia, which is prominant in Poodles.
Any suggestions for her throat?  Thank you
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Hi Sandra....It's good to have you back....Wow, with 2 new babies, now!  I'm excited for you....Now, I've got to ask: Your in New York and your dogs were in Arkansas...How did you get them? I'm just curious.....

One of my group (Poodle) has done the reverse sneeze his whole life...I had his trachea xrayed years ago....It was narrow then....It has never changed....I do give him (All of them) a joint supplement that I feel has the same chemicals needed to keep a trachea healthy....That's just my opinion...He's 8yrs. and I adopted him at 1.

Another of my group (Poodle mix) coughs when excited and plays...Again, always has....We originally ruled out Heartworms for starters (Because part of her heart was enlarged), then Trachea, then lung disease....She does suffer from the lung disease (Asthma), but has medications as needed....She's 10yrs. I adopted her when she was 3.
We have just started using meds. the last year...She was fine on her own before....
Allergies (Particularly Dust) triggers it.....I'm shampooing the carpets right now as a matter of fact....This will help her alot!

What was the Orbax for? Clearly an infection, but what did the doctor want to treat? Do you know?

When you say stretching her throat: Is she doing alot of swallowing or licking at the same time?  Watch closely....Does she stretch out her back legs when she stretches her throat? Any other signs? Does she seem short of breath when she does it? Do you hear anything in her throat when she does it? Like a clicking noise?

Let me know what you think.....Karla
I need to know the answer to this to please Julie Church, ***@**** this is my e-mail address thanks
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I adopted my dogs & they came from Mena Arkansas. They came here by Dog Transport Truck, which is A/C & climate controled & music for them & food & water & they stop every 100 miles on a ranch to walk the dogs. I paid $125.00 for that service & they delivered Chanel to Parcippany N.J. & Sara to Nanuet N.Y..  They came 2 wks apart.
Both places were easy to get to.

Orbax was for germs or whatever may have been causing her to cough. It did NOT work.
He said let her be for now unless it gets real bad...than a barrage of useless tests.
She STRETCHES her throat alot. She HONKS too...mainly after getting excited.
She stretches alot but not while she honks or stretches her throat.  She does not get short of breath & there is no clicking noise.  I hear nothing..it just comes on.
She is very tired & I know the Orbax did that to her. Any antibiotic can do that.
It has to get out of her body & that takes days. I stopped giving her Orbax.
What do you think?   Plzzzzz give me the name etc. of the homeopathic or whatever you give your dog for joints.  Thank you

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Sandra......My Holistic Vet recommends "Phycox JS" soft chews.....It has your typical joint supplements plus antioxidants plus Turmeric which is wonderful for inflammation!

I order mine from Entirely Pets. Com....You will probably only need the Small Bites & not the regular ones.......It's based on poundage....

I looked up Dogswell food and it appears from the ingredients, that it's a very good food! I'm glad they like it......

Check back and let us know how they're doing......Karla

P.S. My Ginger (The one with the respiratory problems) is always worse this time of year.......Good luck...

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