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Tick? I'm not sure...

Background: went camping a few days back, dog came home with some weird black spots on belly. He is on FrontLine Plus, so we thought they were dead ticks. Extreme pain when we tried to remove them, as they seemed part of his skin, or deeply embedded. No excess tick parts to grab onto.

Some of them have recessed and are smooth now, two days later. Definitely nothing to pull off. However, two are embedded and raised. Of those two, one is still black in color and slightly raised. No inflammation, or redness, but the OTHER is bright red, perfectly circular with a small black dot in the middle. Very weird. Our dog is paying a lot of attention to the red one, licking away. This is the one that we tried pulling out the day I posted the original message. It seems we agitated it. See attached photo.

The larger question here: Does anyone recognize these marks on his skin? They look like moles or pimples...

Thanks so much in advance.
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I saw and read your other post.  The pictures do not look like any tic I have seen.  We normally get the "dog tics" which are easy to see, the "deer tic" is more dangerous and the tic is hard to see -- I have never seen one "embedded" but doubt that even the deer tic would be totally under the skin.

It may be time to have the vet take a look.
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The 2nd one definitely doesn't look like a tick to me. I can't tell from the first picture what the spot is. BUT if he was in pain when you tried to remove them and they appear to be part of his skin, then they're likely warts. I wouldn't try to remove them again, can you imagine how much that would hurt? Ticks look like bugs, the 2nd pic looks like a growth of some sort. Is it possible he was bitten/stung out there?
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They've cleared up, so must have been bites. Thanks so much for your reply!
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