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Transporting new puppy

I'm buying a puppy from someone in Missouri and I live in New jersey.
What would be the safest way to have the puppy transported?
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Please tell me that you've checked out this breeder extensively!  Missouri is one of the  worst states for Puppy Mills....Did the breeder offer any suggestions for transportation? I personally don't believe in transporting puppies as it is too harsh on them. Lots of things can happen. Usually dehydration and stress. Then, your puppy arrives already sick. Unless, you go pick the puppy up yourself, I wouldn't even consider it!  I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings...But, I thought you should know.....Karla
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Yes, Missouri is one of the worst puppy mill states.   What breed of dog are you getting?
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I live in Missouri and yes, it is one of the worst. Believe it or not, the Amish are a part of the problem. Transport? Go pick the puppy up yourself, and bring it home. Make a road trip out of it. Make plans to stay at hotels accepting pets or take a friend to help with the drive. Use a vehicle that will accommodate the puppy, in a crate comfortably. Lots of pit stops. Bring everything a puppy might need. Ask a vet about what to feed. I brought my puppy home on only an hour drive and she barfed. That's what I would recommend. Then, when you see the puppy you meet its mom and dad and what facilities he grew up in. Don't believe what you read or what you are told, go see for yourself. Get a certificate of health. If the puppy is sick you can see for yourself.
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i got a puppy out of state, and shes great i found her on net with a great breeder, shes has a health cert and was breed well. you should fly the puppy in, thats what our breeder did it was 250.00 i think but well worth it , i would not make a road trip to far and way things are with gas and all just fly puppy to you its cheaper and they take good care of them while on planes , mine even had a lay over and she was great.
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When we got Jake, we flew to Nevada to pick him up, and  flew back with him.  That's the only way I'd do it.
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Check into the airlines. Some are better than others. Southwest was good for me when I flew my cats from Mo to Tx, but they were adult cats.
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I took a puppy all the way to the Chicago from Australia ,she arrived safe and sound through very long flights and 3 airports.I dont know how far from Miss to NJ how about a pet transport company?They usually travel well on a plane,they mostly sleep and they have water containers in the crates.anyway let me know how ya go.
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