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Tumor on dog's leg

I have a Golden Lab, that is 14-15 years old. Several month ago I took her to the vet. He tried to draw something out of the tumor, but nothing came out. He called me back and said my dog had cancer. The surgery is over $900.00 dollars witch I do not have. She wines all the time, but has always done that since she was a puppy. Is she in pain, and do I need to put her down? We love her very much, and she has had a good long life. Thank-you, Jenene
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My dog had a mass cell tumour on her belly it was only stage one they operated and removed the lump ? it has been a year now and it hasnt returned? she is healthy and happy?
you need to find out from your vet what type of tumour it is and what stage it is at?
A friend of mine there dog has cancer they tried chemo? but due to the age of the dog they have now decided to stop treatment as this was not helping and they have resorted to trying to make the dog as comfortable as possible they were told 3wks but it has now been 2mths and the dog is quite happy and pain free at the moment but have decided when the time comes they will not let her suffer?
You need to talk to your vet and get some answers it might not be as serious and can be cured by removal as it was with my dog? but you also need to take into account the dogs health and age for surgery?
If your vet cannot help answer your questions  get a second opinion from another vet?
The lump could be as simple as a wart! ,If it was me I would get a second opinion from another vet?

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