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Turkey is bad for dogs???

I just read what someone  wrote about Turkey causing Pancreatitus.   I give my Poodle white meat turkey. Tonight I made her "Doggie Shepards Pie" Mashed potato Chopped Turkey & Mixed Veggies. Now I am panicking. She had a bad bout with Pancreatitus in January...she almost died but made it through. Thank God.
Now she is diagnosed with Cushings Disease & Kidney Disease. I NEVER KNEW TURKEY WAS BAD FOR A DOG.
Does anyone have any insite to this? Please HELP me. Thank you
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Turkey in and of itself doesn't cause pancreatitis.  The only parts of turkey that are damaging for a dog to eat are the bones and the skin.  The problem with people feeding turkey (and other table food) to their dogs is that instead of giving them small amounts of the meat as a treat along with their dog kibble, they tend to make a plate for them just like they would for another family member, and it's too rich for them.  All the fat in the meal is what causes things like pancreatitis.

You mentioned that you made your dog a "Doggie Shepherd's Pie" with chopped turkey, mashed potatoes and mixed veggies.  How were the potatoes mashed?  Did you use butter and milk to mash them?  If so, the butter and milk are going to be the damaging part of the meal, not the turkey.  

If you are feeding "people food", the best thing to remember is that you should only give them a tiny bit of whatever it is mixed in with their kibble, and NEVER, NEVER give them ANYTHING that has onions in it or anything that has even been prepared WITH onions.  If it has been prepared WITH onions, there is enough onion in it that it can do horrible damage to your dog in the form of Heinz body anemia.  

Your dog has been diagnosed with Cushing's Disease and kidney disease.  The cardinal rule with kidney disease is to keep as much protein as possible OUT of their diet.  Do a Google search of diets that are safe for a dog with renal disease and you will see exactly what is safe for you to feed your dog.  At this point, if you feed her anything high in protein, you are literally killing her with kindness.  

Boiled chicken, hard cooked egg, rice, boiled potatoes, these are safe for a dog with renal disease to eat.   Please note that that says BOILED chicken, NOT BROILED.  Boiling removes most of the fat and makes it safe for a dog with renal disease eat.  They do need SOME fat, of course, but no more than a teaspoon of fat per meal, otherwise their ability to filter toxins from the body is more severely compromised because you're providing them with too much protein.  If you make, say, ground beef for her, take the ground beef,put it in a saucepan, add water just until the meat is covered, and bring it to a simmer.  Let the meat cook and then pour it through a screen strainer to remove all the fat that boiled out while it was cooking.  

If you are used to spoiling your dog with home cooked goodies, you're going to need to completely retrain yourself as to what is and what is not acceptable for her to eat.  Don't feel that you are depriving her of anything, you're not.  On the contrary, you are adding years to her life by providing her with a diet that is as safe as possible for a body like hers that cannot handle the normal protein content of other foods.

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Thank you so much for all your detailed info. I need that.  I sometimes bake chicken, but never give her skin or fat or bones. Now I know why not to do this again.  I did put butter in the mashed potato & milk. Never again. You really helped me "see the light". lol
She won't eat that awful Hills KD wet food so I have to find alternatives.
I will search google as you said.  Thank you again & please keep in touch.
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You're very welcome!  I'm so glad that the information was helpful to you.  Please feel free to either post any other questions you have or PM me with them.  I will answer anything I can for you to the best of my ability.  :)

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For what it is worth it has also been said that the antibiotics that Turkeys and Chickens are raised on could be harmful to our dogs and to us as well.

Our Vet recommends that we give Bella some boiled chicken with her kibble everyday. I make sure I buy the more expensive chicken that is raised natually with no antibiotics.

I also give her a little turkey every once in awhile, but as a treat like Ghilly stated. Not too much.

I hope this was helpful to you as well.

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I boiled. The heart and liver, is that ok for my dog?
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It'll be ok. Heart and liver are not fatty offal, they are very nutritious for a dog. Turkey in itself is not poisonous for dogs, it's just as people said above, when too much of it is given, or fatty pieces like skin etc are given in larger quantities, that there could be a problem.
Like Ghilly said above, the only real problem would be if your dog had kidney disease, and protein and phosphorus had to be restricted. Turkey obviously is high protein, and high phosphorus (fine for a normal dog in moderation, but not so good for a dog with either renal disease, or a history of pancreatitis)
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