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Two male puppies


We have a 12week old English Staffordshire Terrier and an 8 week old French Bulldog Puppy which we has just made our place his home. Our Staffy (Zeus) has made this his home for the past 4 weeks and now the new Frenchie has arrived (both males).

Problem is, the Staffy is totally excited seeing a new toy or friend in the house to play with. He has always been Biting but now that the French Bulldog is here he seems to turn his attention to the French Bulldogs ears or any other body part.

No matter how many times we use different tones of voices or hold him to the floor to relax him, he will not settle and continues to be aggressive.

Firstly our french bulldog cost us $3,000 and secondly we do intend to have him as a show dog. It concerns us that his ears may get pierced by his sharp needle teeth. Thirdly, regardless of cost and if we were showing him or not, we do not want such a gorgeous little boy to be hurt.

Thanks and talk soon,

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This could be a tough one, because you want to protect the little guy at all costs, but you don't want to do anything that is going to cause any animosity between the two dogs.  Especially since the Staff could really hurt the Frenchie when he grows up.  

First of all, I would make sure that any play between the two puppies was carefully supervised until the Staff grows up a bit and gets some training under his belt.  If they are not playing, make sure the two dogs are separated.  

Now, particularly if the Staff enjoys playing with the Frenchie, as soon as the play gets a bit rough, immediately pick the Staff up and remove him from the room.  Close the door and let him calm down.  After a few minutes, return him to the "playground" and let them interact again.   Once again, the second the Staff gets too rough, scoop him up and remove him from the room.  Eventually it should dawn on him that if he acts inappropriately toward the Frenchie, he will be taken away from him.

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That's alot for the advice
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