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UTI's ~ again, and again......

Another UTI, my girl keeps getting them , 2-3 a year.

I tried cranberry to keep them at bay this last time, and she still got another one. How much cranberry should she use?

Also,can proin increase her UTI's?


The vet asked me to bring in more urine when she has 1-2 pills left to see if we get all of this infections.  
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hi - i'm sorry to hear that your baby girl keeps on getting uti's.  my baby girl gets it too and it breaks my hear b/c i know how she feels and i want to make it better.
the last uti she had... she went through 2 cycles of antibiotics: cipro and bactrim.  we were afraid of keeping her on cipro for a long time (longer than 10-days) b/c the bacteria might get resistant and with bactrim, some people (and dogs) get allergic reaction.  we decided to go with 2 rounds of cipro because we didn't want to risk an allergic reaction.
in addition to the antibiotics, we made her drink a more than usual... ie putting water in her food so she would pee more often.  we let her pee almost every 2-hrs to empty her bladder so the bacteria doesn't have anything to grow own and her bladder get flushed.  we also wiped her with clean wet tissue paper and then dry her after she pees, so we clean her private area if there are any bacteria that has been flushed out during peeing but is hanging in her private area.  we also gave her a bath to wash her out and cool her down... the bacteria tends to grow more in warmer temperature.  we made sure she pees on an area where her private area is not sitting on the dirt... we find grassy area or concrete area to be better.
we tried cranberry juice but she only took two licks... so my husband drank the rest ... lol.  i looked into cranberry pills... i will use that when she gets an infection again.  does it have a dose indicated for people on bottle?  you can probably use that info to adjust it to the weight of your baby.  there are other suggestions i found on the internet such as cranactin+d-mannose which people said works but too expensive.
good luck... i hope your baby feels better soon.
ps.  after bring in a urine sample to our vet, our vet decided to do a clean catch urine sample where they insert something like a catheter into the bladder to get some urine sample.  the sample is a more accurate sample ... with the idea that catching the urine ourselves may introduce bacteria into the sample.
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I have a dog on Proin and i haven't heard of it increasing utis's.  I have another dog thats not on proin that gets the uti's!  
Years ago I had a bulldog that had problems with a hemivertabrae, fused tail and internal organs that didn't have enough space due to the spine issues.  She also had a congenital heart condition so I couldn't spay her.  She would get a uti every heat cycle due to cross-contamination and then a yeast infection from the antibiotics.  And she was alarmingly regular w/her heat cycles!  I used cranberry juice capsules w/her, I think I just halved the people dose. She also would typically have to stay on antibiotics for 4 wks or so each time.  
I agree with jakl726 that a clean catch may be worthwhile.  Sometimes the infection is elsewhere and is contaminating the urine.  A clean catch takes it directly from the bladder so if the bacteria is in her vagina or elsewhere it can be isolated.
My lederly pit bull Pumpkin is going in next week for a sonogram b/c she has red cells in her urine but no white cells that signify infection.  They think she may have stones or poylps.
Good luck w/your baby & cross your fingers for mine pls!
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I have had her on the cranactin+d-mannose, it is cheaper if you buy it online, I don't know if it has helped on not. This pup has been though so much. She almost died on me about 3 years ago from IMHA, and  Pancreatice (sp?) and seems to have always had the UTI's. She will not go in the back yard expect on the tile out there, I let her out in the front yard as long as there is no one outside- she will not run off, but I don't want anyone to be scared.  
I think I will wash her again and maybe trim her hair where it might be catching the bacteria. Oh, she is on Baytril, due to her past illness she can't be one some of them. Amoxicellin is what caused her to get the IMHA, all the vets are pretty sure about that. She is  a happy playful girl, you would never know she was ever ill at an any time.
I will try cleaning her private area. The next time I take her in, I will ask them to pull the urine as you all suggest. Most of them just do what I did and catch it when she is going.          

Oh, course I will pray for your pup deadgamegrrl, I hate anyone going through this. Do post what you learn. I saw fresh blood come out of my girl and think it is her straining.
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Baytril is a good antibiotic, you still may need to have her on it or 4 weeks to get rid of everything.  It is the drug that generally worked when all else failed.  Hope things get better soon!
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The last time she had the UTI I had hoped the vet would have left her on the antibiotic for 4 weeks but he did not. I agree with you, I think she does need to stay on it for a longer time.
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zoe114 and deadgamegrrl,
i'm so sorry about your babies. i feel your pain.  everytime my baby gets it... i wish she could just give it to me so i can take away her discomfort and pain.
anyway, i don't if you searched the pet forum for uti but i saw a response by a vet to one of the post regarding persistent uti...
the vet said the following...
Have an abdominal ultrasound performed on your dog to have her kidneys evaluated, and to determine if there are stones in her bladder that cannot be visualized on an X-Ray.  Pyelonephritis (kidney infection) can appear as a urinary tract infection and can resolve with a very long course of antibiotics (2 or more months).  
you can read the rest of the post by searching in the pet forum for uti and the post is under "persistent uti".
i also asked my husband is a physician as to what else can be done and he said for people the kidneys are checked out and scanned similar to what the dvm on the forum suggested.  i hope the money is not an issue for you so you can get the appropriate help for your babies.
good luck and i'm keeping you and your babies in my prayer.
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thanks for the good thoughts!  We are going in Wednesday to do the ultrasound!  Will let you know!
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It's true, what jakl726 said. That sometimes stones (either kidney or bladder) can cause symptoms of a UTI to recur.
Also any bladder tumor can do the same. Do not be scared by that. Many bladder tumors are benign. But they can definitely cause recurrent infections, and can cause bleeding.
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thanks ginger for chiming in.
hearing from other people about their experience or thoughts on this subject helps. :)
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Thank you for that post. I had my girl checked out the last time very well, I am not sure however if we looked at her kidney's. I will search the post out that you suggested. She has a growth on her as well, not sure what it is. I am taking her into a different vet tomorrow ( free exam for first timers), I will see if they have any other ideas as well.
So far I have done as you suggested before about adding liquid to her diet. I cooked up one chicken breast with lots of water and some rice and I am giving that to her three times a day just to get more water in her. I add a little of the cooked chicken, but the flavor of the water get's her to drink up. I gave her some frozen cranberries just to see what she would do, do you know she ate them...lol  
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just wanted to say good luck on your baby's appointment.
let us know how it goes.
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you are most welcome.
thank you for sharing about the cranberries... i will definitely have to try that. ;)
please keep use posted on your baby.  i think it is great that you are getting a second opinion.  good luck with you appointment tomorrow.
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I took my gilr intoday, but I just had him check a growth, nothing to worry about- another fatty tumor. I asked also about if I can give my dogs cooked oatmeal as well as pumpkin to give my dog medications, he said yes, he also told me that pumpkin normalzies bowels. One of the staff members was telling me that it can cuase the runs, he said no that is not true. He said that if a dog has constipation it helps lossen it up, and if they have the runs, it adds bulk- neat stuff to know.
Now, he did suggest I get an ultra sound for her UTI, he said often the stones are too small to be seen on an x-ray. He said that if there is a stone that the uti's will never clear up and you cannot disolve them with diet. He understands that this dog cannot have any operations due to it could spark the IMHA, so the expense of doing the ultrasound has no value other than knowing what might be the cause of the UTI because she cannot have any surgeries.    But maybe this information will help others out there....I hope :)  
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So...got the ultrasound.  No stones or polyps/tumors!  Vet thinks that possibly she has a syndrome that sometimes occurs in corgis (she's an APBT, but still) that causes extra vessels to grow in the kidneys that leak blood, especially since she has had autoimmune/RA issues in her life.  2 of the vet's corgi's have a genetic predisposition to this.  We are putting her on a month of basic antibiotic treatment just to see if it makes a difference.  Since there is an absense of white cells we really don't think there is an infection, but will recheck in 30 days to see if there is any change.

To zoe114, yes, pumpkin is great for dogs, especially for bowels.  Pumpkin (same dog as the uti's, no pun intended :-)) has had problems for the last few years with one anal gland becoming chronically infected/impacted due to her severe arthritis in her hips & rear.  Pumpkin (the food) was recommended for her.
Now that I've totally confused everyone between the food and the dog, I'll go!  Thanks for all the good wishes!
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i have puppy's. if anyone's looking for the best friend they ever had.
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:)    Your humor is great !! I am glad your pup is going to be fine as well.

Breezy455, start a new post and state what type of puppies they are and what area ( state, country) your in.  I hope they all go to good homes :)
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