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Use of seditives for grooming

I have a dog at the local shelter I have been working with for several months.  I see her, Lola, twice a week and once a month take her to an adoption show.  She is half Westie, that I'm sure off, and I'll guess small Poodle - her hair is mixed brown and white and appears to be Poodle-like hair/fur.  I asked for a grooming a few months back and it made her look awful, but as it grew out she began to look cute, not just shaggy.  At the adoption event yesterday in Princeton, NJ she won a number of complements and she was willing to let strangers pet her head and ears... took months of loving, cuddling and treating with chicken to get her to that stage.  But, she needs grooming soon, and talking to the staff person he said she was difficult to groom, fighting and biting.. suppose that's why the previous groom looked like a quick buzz cut.

Reason given above, is there any experience in using some dog sedative to get a dog more cooperative, over-the-counter or prescription?

Thanks, I think she has a shot at being adopted and as it true for all, good looks helps.

Thanks and Merry Christmas.  
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So wonderful you are working with this dog!  Who groomed her last time, the Shelter or a groomer?  You shoukd speak to a professional groomer as they deal with these issues often.  A Vet may be able to prescribe a little Ace or something but that would be a last resort.  Do you brush her?  You can do some conditioning by putting her on a low surface, brushing her and reward.  Start with short sessions and gradually work up to a higher surface.  Make sure you have a grooming arm or can tie her to something so she cannot jump off.  Even just brushing her on the ground might help.  
Hope she finds a home.  Please come back and update.

Merry Christmas!
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Thanks, problem is while I give enough attention to get the dog more social, I think it would be a giant effort to get her to take brushing.  In a word, no, I have not tried brushing.  Little Jasper has had next to no brushing, but he's a Chi mix and must lose his whole coat about once a month based on the hair I can vacuum up after only a  day or two.  
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