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Very Sick Dog :(

Very Sick Dog Need Help :(
I have a 5-yr old 120lb Chochlate Lab. I was recently released from hospital due to having gallbladder...
Posted by Bawlove09
I have a 5-yr old 120lb Chochlate Lab. I was recently released from hospital due to having gallbladder surgery. When I was released I had noticed my dog was losing weight, throwing up and not eating much, Didnt think anything of it as sometimes he may eat something doesnt agree and throw up. Its been a few days now and symptoms are worse, he has lost tremendous amt of weight, drinking lots of water and throwing up after-wards, has not ate anything or will take anything, nose is very dry and stuffed up and he is panting now. I had noticed sometimes through-out day he may shake like you or I would have the flu. I can barely move or bend due to myself having surgery. Logic thing is to take him to the vet asap however its very hard with no money until payday (Feb 11) I cant watch him suffer and dont know what to do, does anyone else possibly may have an idea of what it can be or a vet in Michigan that will assist on a sliding scale until payday :( Please help I am so devasted-Thanks
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Please take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. You can always work out a payment arrangement with the vet but the treatment for your dog should not be delayed. He could be suffering from congestive heart failure or some kind of virus. If he keeps throwing up, he may die of dehydration. Please get your dog to the vet ASAP. Take care of yourself as well. I wish you all the best.
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Your dog is very seriously ill.  Make some phone calls and find a clinic who will either allow you to make payments or accepts Care Credit.  You can go to the Care Credit web site and apply online.  Please don't wait!
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The vet that performed the gallbladder removal should/will take your dog for a "follow up" appointment, which should/would be included in the original cost of the procedure.

Get your dog back to the vet that performed the procedure, and tell him that something is wrong. Who knows... they may have left a sponge or something inside of him (not unheard of), or missed a stick someplace and he's leaking toxins into his body and becoming septic.

Take your dog to the vet that performed the procedure... best advice I can give.

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Follow-up or after-care following surgery is a must. You should not even have to pay extra! After-care should really be included gratis, (but I guess that can depend on the vet concerned, and where you live. It certainly was with my vet following my dog's surgery back in October, and my dog was allowed 2 appointments to check her progress, and I made about 3 phone calls of enquiry over some small issues as well.) Now, it's my belief they have a responsibility of care following surgery. After all, it was they who wielded the knife. I know all surgery contains risk factors, but it is up to the professionals (vets) to see that all those risks are minimized.

Anyway, by now you probably have taken your dog back to the vet who performed the gall-bladder surgery. I really do hope your dog is OK.
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Your baby is upset you had surgery and have been ill. Dogs are so sensitive to what their family is going thru. It's unreal. That doesn't mean your dog isn't sick. He sounds very sick. Treat him for various conditions with harmless and very effective treatments. You can get all these in powder form at a health food store. The cost will be minimal. Get some Pau de Arco and give him 3 teaspoons of powdered form a day. This is a great herb that will kill off any fungus, bacteria or virus he may have. You can buy empty capsules and fill them with the herbal powder. Next a probiotic powder, capsule or tablet. His Gi system needs support from the safe natural flora of a probiotic. It will help move out pathogens, stimulate his immune system and provide some relief from pain and nausea. Two additional herbs are ginger and slippery elm powder. A teaspoon of ginger 3 times daily and 3 tablespoons of slippery elm. Both are healing herbs that help with nausea, vomiting, toxins in the GI tract, cramping, pain, and general discomfort.  You can get everything for under 20 bucks. All these things are very safe and good for dogs in general. You might want to try a beef broth (with no salt or MSG) and mix it into water, say 50-50 ratio. See if he drinks it. Your dog needs to be hydrated. Everything I mentioned will help him keep the fluids down. At the very least get the ginger and probiotic. You can also give him Vitamin C tablets. Put a little butter around it and stick it down his throat. Maybe 500mg 2 or 3 times a day till he feels better. You should use extra C too for tissues healing and infection prevention after your surgery, (and the probiotics).  You can get all these herbs in various forms. The powder is the cheapest, usually sold by the ounce. Get capsules, tictures, tea,  whatever, it doesn't matter. Just figure out a way to get it down him.  Get better and take your dog to the vet as soon as you can!  I understand having to wait on paydays!  Good luck to you and your puppy!!
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Your're the one that had the surgery, right?? anyway, either I miss read your coments or some others did... Dogs don't usually have their gallbladders taken out anyway. Your dogs loves you and has absorbed your pain. Like I mentioned above your dog is sick and you need to do something while you're waiting on payday. I hope you take some or all the the steps I suggested. They won't hurt and they may help a great deal!  Please let us know how you and your doggie are doing- ok?
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I wouldn't wait until payday, it might be too late. Youll really feel bad, then.  Try talking your vet into making payments, or charging it, anything but don't wait.  He sounds like he's in pain.
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It's been 24 hours or more. How is your dog? I hope you have taken steps to get to a vet and to make your dog comfortable. Do something... A routine vet visit may cost 40 bucks or less. At least the vet can tell you what he thinks is wrong and if treatment can wait... or not. Contact rescue groups in the area. Dog people tend to get things done! Someone will help you. Maybe you went to a health food store last night and to a vet today? Lets us know what is going on. Doing nothing while your dog is sick is a major mistake. Don't just hope he gets better!
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I know it's a bit late, but I must apologize for totally mis-reading your question!!
I am sorry, got hold of the wrong end of the stick completely.
Whatever is wrong with him (obviously not related to any surgery he had) -it's still important you get him to a vet one way or another. Shaking is a sign of pain, and drinking and then vomiting up the water leads to dehydration very quickly.
I wonder if this could possibly be pancreatitis....when you were away, what was he fed? Did someone look after him who may have slipped him fatty treats or something he shouldn't have had?
I hope the vet can discover what is the matter with him, and things work out OK.
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Get some Pedialyte or Gatorade, and give him VERY small amounts of it (like a spoonful at a time) He will have a better chance of keeping it down if he's given only a small amount. Wait a while after each spoonful to see if he keeps it down.Then maybe a half hour later -another spoonful and so on. If he gets electrolytes down him, it will help.
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Good comeback Ginger! And good advice too... Hope we get an update on your dog babybaw. We will be waiting!
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