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Very sick doggie

My question is about our almost 5 year od lab/german shepard.  She has been very sick for the last 2 months.  Starting at the end of July she started not really eating and we were leaving for a 2 week vacation and we just thought she was snubbing her nose up to the dog food and wanted something different.  She stayed at my inlaws in South Carolina for the 2 weeks we were away.  She was fine physically and my father in law said that she was eating.  So when we got home, we just changed her dog food and she was eating again.  But towards the end of August, she started not eating again and her belly was very disended and she was having a hard time breathing.  She was also very, very anemic. Took her to the vets and they said she had a tumor on her spleen, so we did surgery to remove her spleen and the tumor.  They sent the tumor for biopsy and said it was not cancer, but they were not sure that it was a tumor.  They didn't know what it was, but she seemed to be doing better.  Three weeks later she was back to not breathing well and her stomach was big again.  There was fluid in her belly, which is now gone, and she is breathing better, but is still very, very anemic and losing weight.  She lost 15 lbs in one week.  She is down to 56 lbs.  She is on all kind of meds and she is not getting any better.  Still not really eating, just some.  Always trying different things so she eats something.  The vet is not sure now what is going on with her.  he thinks she may have cancer and they can't seem to find it.  Still anemic and very lethargic.  Nose is dry and a little swollen in side.  Breathing like you have a bad cold and is stuffy.  Was wondering if anyone can give me some more info on how to help her.  She is only going to be 5 in Nov.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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This is a very good informative site for the possible causes of, and treatment of, anemia in dogs:


It's too much info. for me to copy and paste for you, so the best thing is for you to go to the site and read, and I do hope you find something helpful there.

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Thank you!  I will check out the web site for sure!
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