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Walking after Femoral Head Ostectomy

My dog recently underwent a Femoral Head Ostectomy.  He still won't really use the leg.  How to I encourage him to use his leg so the muscles won't atropy?  He will use it some but he doesn't usually put his foot down or put weight on it.
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What breed is your dog?
How recent was the surgery?
Try staying on softer surfaces.
Aquatic therapy can be very beneficial.  If a small breed, you can use a bath tub.
Consult your Vet.
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It's a Pomeranian.  He had his surgery like mid-September.
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I would think your Vet would have recommended post- op care.

Aside from that, I would try the aquatic therapy.  Since it is a Pom, assuming you have a bath tub, perfect.  You can get the water deep enough so he has to paddle.  You can support him with your hand underneath or use something for a sling.  This will help strengthen the muscles without overtaxing the surgery sight. At least once a day fir 10-15 mins or work up to that.

If he will tolerate a blow drier (I know they have a dense coat) blow dry him afterward.  If not, you might consider a lion cut until he has recovered more and while doing the water therapy.
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