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Welcome to the Dogs Community!

If you have one dog, multiple dogs, small dogs or large dogs, or are just thinking about bringing a dog into your life, this forum is the place for you.

There is no such thing as a stupid question here, and there are many experienced and knowledgeable members ready to help and discuss doggy business of all kinds.  All posts are welcome whether they are about veterinary care, diet, behavior, grief and loss, or a simple sharing of fun experiences with your dogs.

If you have an emergency with your dog or can't quite determine if your dog needs emergency care, please call your veterinarian first!  While many members can help you with basic first aid, we have no way of helping if your dog is experiencing a life-threatening situation.  

Med Help also has a licensed veterinarian on the “Ask a Vet” forum.  Dr. Cheng graciously volunteers her time so participation on that board is free.  In addition to practicing western veterinary medicine, Dr. Cheng also practices holistic, traditional Chinese medicine.  She has a wealth of knowledge regarding herbal and alternative treatments.  If you have an unusual or complicated medical issue, Dr. Cheng is a great resource for you.

Like other forums here at Med Help, members of the Dogs Community have the capability of writing and posting Health Page topics.  The Health Pages serve the same function as a “sticky note” post without cluttering up the forum itself.  At this time, we have one topic posted by Peekawho about Emergency Vets that is well worth reading.  For example, if you have specific knowledge of a particular medical condition or training technique, those would be great topics for a Health Page.  Just click the “Health Pages” link at the top right corner of the forum page to read what others have to offer and better yet, write your own page.  :-)

For the dogs!
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Hi Jaybay,

You know, it's funny you posted this now....I have been wanting to post to you asking if you could put one sticky on top of the forum titled something like "PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING" or something like that to get the attention.
Then just say in the post for people to use the "view community archives" feature at the top or to put keywords concerning their pups issues into the "search this community" box at top right.

I am going to start saving some of my posts/replys, the long ones, dealing w/ my experiences and put them in a folder on my desktop so that if a familiar issue comes up, like allergies, tummy upset, etc. I can just copy/paste a previous reply I have and just add/delete info as needed instead of re-typing all that info all the time, considering how long some of my rambling posts can be, LOL...
I have tendinitis issues and I shouldn't be typing/scrolling so much......my doc would throw a fit if he knew how much I'm on, LOL....

Anyway just something to remind new and old members to use those features, along with the health pages (which I never knew about myself...see!.lol.... I'll have a look) because even though we are growing here more each day w/ new members, there are many times we aren't around.....late at night, on weekends etc.. to answer right away and they may be able to find some help and answers just by researching past posts until we can reply.

I don't want people not returning or feeling left out because they didn't get a reply right away. Some aren't familiar with forums and how they work and don't realize we're not always logged in all the time. And that there are other ways to search for help on here.

Anyway....just a thought for 1 sticky to get that message across. I've found many forums do this because of this issue and sometimes hurt feelings...or with our type of forum,  freaking out because they are worried of course about their baby...as we all are, and aren't always thinking clearly to fully read all the pages on how the forum can be best utilized.

Take care, Teresa ; )
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Thanks for pointing out the search function on the board archives.  I knew I forgot something!  :-)
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Yep, just like the title says: "Welcome to the dog community"
That says it all...I love to read and interact with others on this site regarding the shared experiences, suggestions, advice, and just wonderful kind and considerate caring animal lovers...
I have learned a great deal in the short time I've been onboard, and know this site is most helpful to all...
So if your new, post your comment, check in from time to time to see if people have posted a reply to your comment, don't give up, someone will try to help you the best they can, and keep the dog community posted on your outcomes, let everyone know if your issue was address, getting better, and so on...
I beleive any dog lover would find this forum interesting and informative!!!!
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Post a pic of your pooch in your photos!  

And please don't lurk .

This is a great site .. lot's of info and freinds to be made!

5yrs old ShihTzu
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The most heartbreaking thing is that people post here first for what are CLEARLY lifethreatening problems.  

Jaybay and everyone here can't say it enough.  Call your vet FIRST, if you think your dog is in trouble.  Do NOT post here first.  

This is a great forum, but cannot and should not substitute for the care and advice of a veterinarian.
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We just purchased a male Maltese.  Snowball is very cute and we love him, but we are having the hardest time training him.  He was pooping and peeing in the house, but since we have put him on a schedule he has stopped pooping put pees anywhere he sees fit.  I know that he is a puppy and it will take some time, but then I read on the internet that Maltese puppies were very hard to train.  He is 5 months old, and I also give him Angel Eyes for the tear stains, and I am starting to wonder if this has something to do with him constantly peeing all the time.
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