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What caused her extreme pain this morning?

Our 15 yr old Rosie has had Cushing disease.   We tried some meds in the fall, but she almost died from them so we tried cutting way back and she was still like a lethargic We noodle, so we decided to stop treatment and let her go on her own time ...  never knowing she would have to go through the horror she went through this morning.    About 7:30 my husband saw her having trouble getting up, when she did she leaned on the door and shook.   He carried her outside where her bowels released, and then she stiffened up and started screaming and howling and barking.   We ran her to our vet which wasn’t open yet and referred us to another about 5 miles away ...    we told them right away she had cushings and please put her down and end her pain, as soon as they shaved her arm she began to quiet like she knew we would finally fix it ...   we never would have let her die this way if we knew she’d be in pain.    Please Dr.s share my experience and advise people to love their fur baby enough to let it go sooner rather than later.    I sat with both my parents, and three other dogs as they passed, all were peaceful, Rosie’s passing was gut wrenching and a sound and sight that will be hard to be rid of.   God rest her precious sweet soul.
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I am so very sorry for your loss.
I cannot imagine how upsetting that must have been.

God bless your dear Rosie's soul. She knew you were both trying hard to help her, and she knew (and still knows!) how much she is loved by you both.

My kindest thoughts to you.
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Thank you for your sweet words of comfort, I really do believe I’ll see my pets again in heaven,  right now she’s playing and waiting by the rainbow bridge with my other awesome dogs ... it’s so new, we still cry a lot, but we’re leaving the house for a few days this weekend and I hope that will help get our minds off it.   Again, thank you and God bless you for your kindness.
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