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What could have caused my 8 year old golden retriever to die suddenly?

My precious 8 year old golden retriever died suddenly a couple of months ago. The day she died started out normal, didn't notice anything significant with Maggie. She slept away most of the days as she always had looking out the front window. It was my husbands birthday and my son had an out of town hockey game..so the evening was a little busier than usual. We were in a bit of a rush after we ate dinner, sang happy birthday to my husband and loaded the car up to head out to my sons game. Maggie was a runner and always had been, she would wander away or bolt after something, which is why we never had her off leash outside of the yard. In the last 5 months before her death she had started running away from home if the kids left the gate open or running out the front door if the door was left open while loading the car. We always made sure Maggie was in the house before we departed. The night of her death, for the first time ever, we didn't make sure she was in the house. As we left for my sons game Maggie had walked around the bend of our street and a kind neighbour had brought her into their house where she spent a few hours until we returned home and realized what had happened. My husband went and got Maggie...as I stood at the door and watched for him and Maggie I found it strange that he was carrying her...when they got back to the house my husband said that when Maggie was walking it sounded like her paws were dragging a bit and then she just sat in the middle of the sidewalk and refused to move. My husband put her down on her bed and she was panting, but in a strange way. I thought it was because of her big adventure being out of the house. This continued and as we got our 4 kids upstairs and ready for bed (age 7, 5, 3, 4 weeks at the time) I told my husband not to leave Maggie, so he sat with her, I also sat with her, tried water and she wouldn't drink. The entire time she was responsive and seemed ok, except for the panting. I wanted to give her time to calm down, but got worried, Maggie got up and walked to the ottoman where she always laid and I then went to call my mom to tell her what had happened and asked for advice. My mom said she was going to come by to see her....When I went back to Maggie a few minutes later she was barely breathing....I yelled for my husband and he came downstairs and at that point I called my mom in a panic bc Maggie's had stopped breathing. My husband and I tried desperately to bring her back with cpr, but she was gone. It was a awful...we were screaming and crying and held her. We have been so devastated by the sudden loss of a member of our family. The vet said that it was most likely a ruptured tumor that caused a cardiac arrest. To make the sudden loss and that day so much worse, we got news that my grandmother had passed within a half hour or so of Maggie dying. Maggie was such an important part of our family...it has been so difficult to come to terms with her sudden death, especially with all that has surrounded it. Has anyone had to endure a similar tragic loss of a retriever? Looking for closure on a cause of her sudden death.
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Hello~I am sooooo sorry over the loss of your beloved Maggie and your dear grandmother's death as well. How horrible for you.

I think that she may have gotten a hold of some poisonous food or even plant. I also agree with the vet, it could have been a tumor that ruptured or, she could have had an aneurysm.

Again, my deepest sympathy.
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