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What foods have NO Protein or LOW protein??

My mini poodle Julie has Cushings Disease & is being treated with Trilostane...(her body has way too much protein).
She is on Hills KD & likes it now.  I was giving her Cream Cheese in order for her to take her pills..she hates pills.
Also, low fat Cottage Cheese as a "treat" at night...only 3 teaspoons.  I also gave her one hard boiled egg every day for many years for breakfast.   Now I give her only the egg white. No yolk.
My Vet said to take her off all dairy...her urine is full of protein. The Vet said to try Peanut Butter with her pills...she licks it a few times & walks away...thats useless.   This puts me in a big bind.

Cushings Disease reeks havock on her appetite & she is ALWAYS hungry & thirsty.  I just don't know what to give her.
I have just about stopped giving her people food..which I used to do alot.  I do give her boiled chicken & brown rice once in awhile. My Vet said thats okay...but not every day.
Does anyone know what what foods have NO Protein or LOW Protein that is good for dogs??
Are there any dog treats that are Protein Free or low Protein that is good for my Julie??  

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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I do so wish I could be some real help to you. But I don't know enough about Cushing's. I did a little research tonight, but only came up with this dietary recommendation: high protein/low fat/low fibre/low purine. Something like fish, rabbit, green tripe, might be useful if this were the case.

Now, considering your dog has excess protein, this doesn't figure really....

So do try and post your question on the "Ask a Vet" forum. You will eventually get through, even if you have to keep trying. One of the vets there might be able to help you.
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You might try " The Honest Kitchens" dehydrated foods.  They have several varieties you can read about.  Though their ingredients are top of the line, some of their varieties have a higher carb count or higher protein count than others, so pull it up on line and read the carb count and protein count for each one.  "Embark" is their highest protein, so forget that one.  "Preference" is a veggie/base mix that you add your own meat too, so you'd have the most control over protein count with that one, since you'd be adding the raw meats or soft boiled eggs or whatever, yourself.
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There's no such thing as a food with NO protein, at least not one that will healthfully maintain a dog for its lifetime.  Do a Google search for "diets, renal failure dogs" and you will come up with a wholle host of websites that have recipes for home cooking for dogs with kidney issues.  This is what you need, since dogs in renal failure need as little protein as possible in their diet because their kidneys can't process it.  There has to be SOMETHING on there that your dog will eat readily that your vet will agree is safe for her to eat every day.  The Hills K/D is their kidney diet, so as long as she's eating that, it's probably your best bet to stick with that for her main meal, and find something you can home cook as a treat to give her with her pill.

A sample of a meal that contains only 7% protein would be:
3/4 cup raw rice
1 large egg
1 oz. liver
3 Tb sp. bacon fat
1 tsp. corn oil
3/4 tsp. calcium carbonate (Tums)
1/4 tsp. iodized salt

Perhaps a bit of the liver from the above dish, once cooked, can be used to disguise her pill, since liver is one thing that most dogs would happily sell their soul for.  If you would like, I can do some research for you and see if I can find you some more easy-to-prepare dishes.  Let me know and I will see what I can come up with for you.

I just lost my little Shorty to renal failure and she had cushings. I did so much research and seems there are varying opinions on what to feed and protein in diets. Most say must be a high quality protein and phosphorus is a big thing. Now my 15 year old Honey's kidney values are elevated with BUN of 63, creatinine of 1.8 and protein in urine. I just set down and cried. This a horrible disease and to make matters worse she has chronic pancreatitis and has always been a picky eater.....now she doesn't want to eat at all and certainly won't touch the prescription diets. I feel there is no hope.
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