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What is Benny

We just adopted a terrier mix but we are trying to figure out what the mix is. We think he is a West Highland mixed with a Chiuaua, but we are not sure. He is 10 lbs and has fur like a westie but not as thick as a westie might have. What would this combination look like.
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I would say that this dog definately has westie in it!
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schnauzer- how about shih tzu- I am not too good at it either
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I actually think there some Schnauzer in there. The shape of his head,ears and snout are very similar, and at first glance I thought it was a white Schnauzer. That silky coat is definitely not Schnauzer though.
He must be a new Benny breed. lol  He's adorable !
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how about a little bit of yorkie?
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I would say malteese... ?
His fur looks too soft to be all terrier...
Darn cute dog though, no matter what the mix is =)
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He's definitely a cutie!  

I would say he definitely has Westie in him, and judging from the spots on him, I'd say that the other part was either Fox terrier (possibly wirehaired) or even a wirehaired Jack Russell.  I don't see any chihuahua in him at all, but it could be that it's just not visible because of the angle of this particular photograph.  He's adorable, though, and as long as he's healthy, that's all that counts!

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I saw a dog the other day I thought was a runt-like kind of Dobermann....."Oh NO" the lady says, "He's a Manchester Terrier"....(?) .....see what I mean? I'm SO no good at this...?
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Definitely part westie!
Are those spots on his back?
He looks all terrier. I'd guess from the spots on his back and the floppy ears that he could also have some, if not ½ rat terrier in him. Rat terriers are slightly larger than chihuahuas, but smaller than Jack Russells--they look a bit like miniature Jack Russells, I think.
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I am SO useless at this!  But I'll tell you what I think he is.....a well-cute little dog!
He is so shiny and white, and totally sweet!
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