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What is happening to my dog?

I have an 8 year old Yorkshire and this morning we woke up she was totally different. Every morning she would come into our room and lick our toes while we got ready to leave to work. But today she was hiding under the bed, when I got her out from under our bed she was laying down on the floor just trembling. She had her lower back hunched and she could barely walk. I called her out a few times and she would try her best to walk over to me but she would lay down like it took her the weight of the world to do so. I have given her olive oil with salt about 3 hours ago, thinking it would be a stomach pain. Then after she stopped shaking but she is still laying on the floor. I have given her about 1 hour ago 2 spoons of Peptobismol to see if it would make a change. She is just laying down and once in a while she moves a bit around to position herself differently. I tried picking her up to get her to walk but she only whimpers. I don't have money to take her to a vet, is there any home remedies I can use for her? I don't know what else to do.
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You  need to call around until you find a vet who will work with you and allow you to make payments because you cannot allow your dog to go on like this.  From your description she is in considerable pain, and it could be from a back injury or it could be from something like pancreatitis, which can be life threatening if you do not have it treated.  Please do not wait any longer.  Start calling around NOW.

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Janis is right, sounds like you dog needs to see a Vet.  This could be a back injury or possible pancreatitis, etc.  you need to borrow the money or some Vets will let you apply for credit.  People fall on rough times for whatever reason but part of owning a pet is being able to care for it properly.  Hope you were able to find out the cause for her discomfort. Please come back to update.
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Sorry but is sounds like she may have hurt her back or pulled a
muscle and the ONLY way to help her is GOING TO A VET. IF
you can not afford your regular vet call around,find a different
veterinarian to help her.
IF IT IS A BACK INJURY,many times the sooner they recieve
care and treatment the less likely it could become a permanant
THERE IS NOTHING to do to help her at home she sounds like
she needs professional intervention as soon as possible
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