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What is the best outcome for a 12 year old dachshund has an enlarged prostate.

My 12 year old Dachshund has been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. He has no symptoms. He pee's normal and poops normal, eats normal and plays normal. The vet said I could neuter him and the prostate may shrink and or medication and measure it and labs or do nothing.  I read there is treatment non invasive use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy that had a 100 positive trial.  What should I do, he is 12 and happy, would neutering him be a good option? or leaving him alone happy?  Will the prostate get bigger I am so perplexed at what to do any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated and any experience anyone has gone through with the same issues please share.  The vet said "The hope is that when we neuter him the prostate shrinks back down, but if it doesn't then we'd want to sample it (called an aspirate) that we'd do ultrasound guided. My hope is that the neuter shrinks the prostate and we can recheck an xray a month to two after the neuter to ensure it's shrinking. I read that if a dog is neutered the prostate will shrink back to normal within a month. What if she is wrong? Would my dog be better off just happy now and 12 going on 13 great years no pain no cutting him apart, will neutering hurt him? for other reasons? including the prostate? I am so worried.  
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